Listen To Free Music Online Using Blogmusik

Blogmusik is Free Online Music on demand service. It has a very simple interface. Basically a rip off of the Ipod interface one reason it could become really popular. I wonder if this is legal and wouldn’t be surprised if Apple goes after them for stealing their design. The best part about this service is that you can listen to any music by just typing it in. Unlike Pandora and which function as radios i.e. you can’t select the song that you actually want to listen to and are restricted to the songs that the radio is playing. Most of the popular music and bands are available except some obscure bands. It also has a playlist feature which you can make use of if you register on the site (registration is free).

On the whole it very simple and works great. Though it still needs a lot of work since I found the flash interface a bit buggy. If it could function like and Pandora i.e. recommend music to the user based on what he/she has listened to it could eventually become a very popular service. This service seems to be running somewhere in France. Their blog does not give many details on where or who they are from. Though I ask myself the question on how legal this service is.

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