Just Got My Replacement T-Shirt From Design By Humans

After I blogged out my disappointment with the T-shirt I ordered from Design By Humans. I was contacted by one of the DBH employees who offered me a replacement T-shirt he was kind enough to ask me for a more detailed feedback as to why I was disappointed. Today I received the T-shirt and I love it.

I ordered the T-shirt titled Music.

Below is the feedback I sent to DBH

  1. Most of the 95% of the Designs are very heavy on Details and colours. If you notice the Threadless guys strike a balance they have both detailed and minimalist T-shirts. Also their heavy detailed designs cover only 60%-50% of the Surface area of the T-shirt which makes the design stand out more from the background, unlike DBH designs which cover 100-90% surface area of the T-shirt which make designs get lost and feels too complicated to make out.
  2. A Visible link on top with more Details about the T-shirts i.e. were/how/why they are printed. Difference between Mixed Media, Specialty Inks, Classic Print? To a layman they sound like jargon.
  3. Show real models wearing the T-Shirt.(or get the community to submit there pictures like Threadless does) Sometimes WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) doesn’t hold true. For example when I looked at the T-shirt above I was expecting a Black T-shirt but it was actually a dark shade of green.
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Thats right. In most products – on and off the web, it is never WYSIWYG. Its a good thing you got a replacement :-)

Did you have to pay customs for this ?

nope I got it absolutely free. :)

Well – thats good news – because I had to pay around $7 or 500 Taka to customs when I ordered a 40×30 inch print from QOOP !

What shipping to they use by the way ? DHL ?

Ehab » nope it was shipped by UPS

Cool! Remind me to do some t-shirt designs sometime…

Siddharta » you can submit your designs to threadless and DBH.

Added you bro. had been reading your blog for a while now.