John Chow Gets Kicked Out of Google

I could never understand why some people/blogger’s are so obsessed with ranking for the search term make money online. Today I came across Carl’s blog a 12 year old blogger who claims that he is currently ranking number two for the search term make money online on Google and that John Chow has been pushed to number 38. I found it a bit hard to believe. So I did a quick search for John Chow and it looks like he has been pushed even further down. Even Carl’s blog is no where in sight.

Matt Cutts (Google’s Search Engineer) had warned people not to go for paid link advertising and even suggested reporting sites that had paid links. While this caused a huge negative reaction from the SEO community it was proof that Google definitely would tackle sites that had paid links in the future.

Apart from the fact that John Chow seems to be artificially getting people to link to him using the search term Make money online could have set the alarms ringing inside the Google search algorithm. The Google webmasters blog a while back had mentioned their official stance against Google Bombs and about changing the search algorithm to tackle Google Bombs.

We wanted to give a quick update about “Googlebombs.” By improving our analysis of the link structure of the web, Google has begun minimizing the impact of many Googlebombs. Now we will typically return commentary, discussions, and articles about the Googlebombs instead. The actual scale of this change is pretty small (there are under a hundred well-known Googlebombs), but if you’d like to get more details about this topic, read on.

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Carl is 14, not 12! :) And its true, keywords matters!

Hey Rishi Thanks for that Info :)

they are obsessed as this search term as its the hottest search term online .That means once you are ranked high !! you get hell lots of traffic and lots of readers. and hence lots of money tooo :-D …

Hi Arpit,

Thanks for your visits and for commenting on my site.

I’ve just searched for the term and JC is at number one. I’ve found that things change one way and the other very quickly for Google search terms.

@David yeah he’s back to number one position. lol

Very interesting article! I came here from David Airey’s blog and I am glad I did.

hey webduck thanks for dropping by :D

The same thing happened to me on a moneymaking web site I own although it came back to the search results later on. I wasn’t doing anything wrong though!!