iPhone Nano Can It Be True ? Naaa

Alright I been sick of all the iPhone this iPhone that news. But now rumors are floating that there is a iPhone Nano in the works. I bet its Apple secret hype machine working overtime. I liked this quote from righton

The mainstream media is VERY easily duped in the past and basing speculation on patent reports has proved futile about one BILLION times in the past.

Using words like “we believe” and “makes sense” just do not convince me that the journalist has any more sense of what he’s speculating on than anyone else.

Yet another Apple rumor that COULD come to pass.

Just because they file a patent, doesn’t mean it will pan out into a product.

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If the iPhone nano is in the works, I dont think that the patent is a direct clue to it. Moreover, after introducing a revolutionary multi touch technology, I think a nano would sport more than a simple rotary mechanism.

Ive put in some detailed opinions in my blog here:

“I bet its Apple secret hype machine working overtime.”

We can put a name on Apple secret hype machine: J.P. Morgan analyst Kevin Chang. :-D

@abhishek I think its all a big hoax

@Namor lol :D

@arpit, I agree with you .. its a big hoax… Iphone itself needs so many improvements. Iphone includes a phone and not just a music player where you can settle with few buttons having play, pause , stop , fwd , rewind etc functionality.

Thanks for the nod on my 9rules comment :)

Apple has NEVER jumped up and released a product, only to introduce one that directly competes with it 6 months later. It’s pure idiocy.

The iPhone has flaws, as any 1st rev. product does and to one up it with direct competition isn’t good business.

Not to mention the “nano” idea would suggest size only as the current iPhone is “nano” as far as capacity goes.

@james your comments made perfect sense so I couldn’t help quoting them here. I agree Apple definitely will come up with a 2nd gen iPhone before they even try to come up with something better.