Instant Polaroid Effect on Images without Photoshop

Polaroid-o-nizer Converts your picture/Photos into a polaroid form without using Photoshop. Though I had an annoying time trying to save it. Since it was saving only as a Html File. Firefox as usual came to my rescue Go to Tools –> Page Info–Click on the Media Tab and search for the picture.

It even lets you put in a Remark or Comment, you can also adjust the angle of the tilt and change the background color.Pretty nifty tool that you can use to impress your Friends.

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heyy. the site looks impressive and legit (and it got my hopes up), but when i tried it, my internet rejected it or something…. it didn’t work. =[

I think this works:
Thanks Google!

@pixeltoko hey thanks I didn’t know that the link was not working :(

sometimes somethin happens when you make your picture and wanna save it to your computer so after youre done making your regular picture into a polaroid one, refresh the page and save it. i think that works