I Made It To Number One Rank At Technorati So Did You ;)

Update: For people who didn’t get it. This post was meant to be sarcastic. Apparently technorati had a glitch which has been resolved now.

I made it to the number one spot on Technorati. Yeah that’s right, within just 4 months of hard core blogging and some black hat SEO linking techniques I made it to the number one position. If you don’t believe me take a look at the screenshot below ;). The only problem is everyone else somehow found my secret and now everyone is at number one. By the way it looks like they enabled Snap-Shots Preview by snap.com for the Thumbnails UGH I hate it.

P.S thanks to Jacob From Mutiny for the Scoop

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Congratulations A! As far as I’m concerned, you deserve it, and in my eyes #1 is #1, you’re in good company at least, and you earn it on a daily basis. Great job, and please, keep up the good work!

Hey man !! just now read the post at cristianr.com ..and checked mine ..it was still 110k ..Thought I missed it !!! but coz of this post i experienced this … Thanks for this. Was thinking of taking a little help of ps, but now think there is no need. :D … I think technorati has gone nuts . I wonder my blog thumbnail has changed again … :(

hehe yeah, I just saw that at my technorati profile about 5 minutes ago.

heh, clever. they’ve been playing around with screenshots for a while, last time i looked they’d reverted to a screenshot from april. technorati FTL, as far as i’m concerned.

LOL… Finally we made it to rank 1 hehe :D

I know its a silly post I was kinda double minded when posting this. Personally I don’t care, but its fun In fact I was going through my feed reader and everybody seems to have caught on to it.

Congratulation Arpit. You really deserve it for the hard work.

Gopinath M
Tech Thoughts

Game’s over. Everybody back to where they were. But it was still fun being number 1. :lol:

@Arpit: Hey buddy, looks like a lot has been going down last week. I have totally been out of touch with the happenings :( Too much work. Talk about 19 hour days and stuff like that. None the less congratulations on you 15 min (umm nano seconds) of fame ;)