I Am Back Online, DCAMP, DNS Issues, MediaTemple and BlueHost

Well its been a really fun and frustrating two weeks for me. Fun because I completely disconnected myself from the computer and Internet. No RSS Feeds, No blog posts, No IM. I went to to Bangalore last weekend with Sagaro and Sid to attend DCamp an UnConference on Design and Usability at Yahoo India, and I had a chance to met a lot of interesting people there like the dezinerfolio brothers Navdeep and Naveen (I told them about the event), PlaneMad (Show him any plane model he will tell you the model number, also most of the maps on Wikipedia for various Indian Metro Cities have been done by him), also thanks to Allagappan (Yahoo Employee) we played foosball at yahoo to kill time before leaving off for the station.

Here are a few pics from PlaneMad’s Flickr account.

Navdeep and Naveen

Sagaro doing his College record work since we reached really early.

Me and Sid laughing at looking at Sagaro above.

Free T-shirts


Alagappan No he’s not a kid he works at Yahoo.

Its been a frustrating week for my site because my web host BlueHost screwed up my DNS settings. I just realized that no web host is perfect or can guarantee 100% uptime. I think I was a bit too harsh on Media Temple my previous Web Host, even though they did screw things up a bit for me. After my move from MT to BlueHost things were fine until I realized that my site was facing some weird problems.

The first week I had no clue what was happening, my site would return a blank page randomly. I contacted BlueHost and they blamed it on WordPress. A bit later I figured out that it was a DNS issue and BlueHost put the blame on GoDaddy my domain registrar. I contacted GoDaddy and they told me it was BlueHost fault. In the end I ended up sending a mail to Media Temple requesting them to clear their DNS cache. By this time I had researched enough to figure out who was at fault (also thanks to Media Temple who told me what was going wrong, props to them for replying to my mail even though I am no longer their customer). The fault was with BlueHost. This time I explained the problem fully to them and they rectified it within a hour. For some reason my Cpanel account did not update my DNS Zone files properly and it was still pointing to my old Web Host Media Temple. So why didn’t I ditch BlueHost immediately and move to “A Simple Orange” as I was planning to. After being hosted on DreamHost, Media Temple and now BlueHost there were two things about BlueHost that I really liked, and was willing to excuse them for the down time.

  • Fast 24×7 Live chat support. I hate waiting for replies that take more than an hour.
  • Great uptime and response time. Comparing all the data collected in the past 3 months and also my pingdom Stats for sites on MT, DH and ASO and BlueHost I found that BlueHost was better.
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Good to see ya back :)

Met Swenny and Johnny this weekend.
Was hoping to see you too, but realized later that we’d not shared numbers. :P Hope to see you next time. :)

Well I am glad the nightmare is over. Try to see the positive side of it, you probably learned a lot from it.

hey dude… if you had told that you are posting those photos on top, I would have given a better pose. Anyways, it was nice spending time with you.

Ah, Damage damage :(

Your website design looks awesome!

I recently subscribed to your blog and was wondering why there were no new posts. Nice to have you back!

It’s been a shame that you have had some problems. I’m looking forward to more regular posts soon.

@everyone thanks a lot feels good to be back online :) sorry that I wasn’t able to reply sooner been very busy.

Late reply, but welcome back. There was a void in my RSS reader. ;)

@xiii Lol good to see ya around my RSS feed readers took a huge hit. :(