How To Win A Free Trip To Microsoft

If you are a Microsoft fan or would simply like to visit Redmond and take a look around, here’s a quick way to get them to fly you to Redmond for free and give you the red carpet treatment. GET A ZUNE TATTOO. Yes its that simple, I am what the heck its just a Tattoo and its only permanent. Apparently the guy who got the Zune Tattoo got a second Zune Tattoo and Microsoft has decided to invite him to Redmond and get him to meet up with the Zune Team. He has become a Internet phenomena with over a dozen top ranked blogs blogging about this. While most of blog reactions have been negative and have ridiculed him for getting a Zune Tattoo he seems pretty undeterred. In fact reading through the forum replies most of the people seem very supportive. I think most of the negativity being generated comes from the fact that people unconsciously like to bash anything to do with Microsoft.

This is how it all started.

When did you get your Zune? Nov 14th, 2006 (launch day)
Why did you get it? Because I was fed up with my Apple iPod’s click wheel and its ability to easily scratch
Where did you get it? Gamestop in Sioux City, IA
What color do you have? Black now but originally brown (I thought the brown’s battery was faulty but it was my computer, I regret it now)
Do you like it, or love it? LOVE IT HERE’S PROOF

If anyone wishes to contact him heres his email and IM and Cell. Hope he has a good time at Redmond.

Anyone who wishes to contact me to talk about my first tattoo and needs any additional proof that it is real and not really good Photoshop skills here is my contact info…
Yahoo IM: knowerofmovies
cell #: 712-301-3235

source: microsoft.blognewschannel.comĀ 

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Initially I wanted to mock this guy.
Then I recalled a not-so-old-news and felt a sense of pity for him:
Microsoft threatens its Most Valuable Professional. :P

On a softer note, I really appreciate it (if) he (really) handled every criticism with “grace”. :)

Well he does seems a bit immature, but hey its his body he wants to get Zune tattoo its up to him. Yeah I read about that news a week before. I read both sides of the story can’t seem to decide who is in the wrong.

Zune logo looks a bit wierd actually . I never understood what it denotes. But I think you shouldnt have published his email, as it may spam his mailbox.

I didn’t publish it he did it on the forum :)

@Aprit, when he said you published, he meant your blog article containing his e-mail (direct link). You have some good traffic, so its easy for spammers to pick it up. I guess thats what Kanak was trying to explain.

Anyways, this is ain’t weired to me atleast.. Something cool.. Bizzare !! :D


Zune logo looks a bit wierd actually .
Ekjhactly. :D
Had any success in decoding the London Olympics logo??? :P

…he meant your blog article containing his e-mail (direct link).
I think Arpit meant to say that it doesn’t REALLY make much difference. It already on the forum (which, as a matter of fact, would have immense traffic.:)

This is ridiculous, get a zune tattoo and end up in Redmond. Trust me mate it aint worth it. Not be getting a tattoo. Puhleease! Just a publicilty stunt i say. Get some good vibes off the blogs and zune is still in the minds of the people. Interesting tactic my M$ none the less

@kanak and bipin: Some of these modern day logos only aim at making it way too abstract for the common man to decipher. Its just a gimmick i tell you! :)

@dreamchaser — you got me right :-D
@bipin seems like london olympic logo is rejected, they are trying to find a new one
@bently — you gave me some idea not to think too much about my blog’s logo

I don’t appreciate the title of this blog it implies that anyone who gets a Zune tattoo will automatically get a flight out to Redmond, WA when that’s not the case. I did not get either Zune tattoo to get anything free in return I did it because I love my Zune and thought it would be different to get an mp3 player logo tattooed on my arm. Regardless I appreciate all those who supported my decision and could care less about those who only point out that I am fat as a way of making fun of my tattoo. I hope those who like my tattoo or just the Zune itself will check out or after July 5th to see all the photos and videos I will bring back with me.

Aaah Com’on. The title is just for fun.
Every kid knows that getting a Tattoo covers up a part of your body… that’s it. Nothing less, nothing more.
As far as ridiculing the fact of getting a “zune tattoo” is concerned; *I personally* would never ever get any kind of Tattoo. But would never ridicule anyone else too.
It’s your body and your decision. Get anything you want (unless, of course, it’s not too obscene for public display).

@Steven like bipin said, the title was meant to be humorous. I am waiting to see how your trip goes. all the best man :)