How To Restore And Recover Your Firefox Bookmarks

Today morning when I logged into my computer and started Firefox for some reason it crashed. This has happened to me a number of times since I open too many tabs. The unfortunate thing is that after the crash sometime your settings and bookmarks are lost. Fortunately unlike Firefox 1.5 you can recover your setting and Bookmarks in Firefox 2.0. Below I have listed the steps to recover your bookmarks in case they get lost or corrupted after a crash.

1. Browse and Navigate to the Hard disk where your Windows is Installed.

2. Then go to the following location C:\Documents and Settings\Jacob\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
Where Jacob is the user name with which you log into windows.

3. Inside the Profiles folders you should see a single directory or multiple directories if you are using multiple Firefox Profiles.
Select your Default Firefox Directory.
Example stzbt87m.default

4. Inside this Directory you will see a folder called “bookmarkbackups” go into this folder.
You will see a bunch of html Files name bookmarks and a date. These are the bookmarks that have been backup for the last five days by Firefox.

5. Select a file that is a day or two older than todays date.
For example today’s date is 2007-05-22 then select bookmarks-2007-05-21.html i.e a file which is a day older.Copy this file and rename it to bookmarks.html

6. Put this file in the main Default profile Directory and replace the old file.

i.e C:\Documents and Settings\Jacob\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\stzbt87m.default\

7. Start Firefox (Assuming that it was closed)

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Hi, I did what you saying more times before, but now I’ve a diferent problem related with this problem. I did exactly as you say, but when I open firefox, I’ve only 1 site saved there. Then I did again, but with an older backup and it is working… but my saved sites from yesterday arent there (off course :p) So, how can I REPAIR the corrupt bookmark? I tried to open it with firefox to copy the sites manually and it shows a lot of characters, not as the older 1 that shows the sites of that backup, thats why I’m saying that the most recent backup is corrupted. HELP!!!

@alex I am sorry but thats one drawback of this method you can recover bookmark only from a day back or later. You’ll lose the current days bookmarks after a crash.

Ok :( thanks ;)

hello thank you four your info it worked i have my book marks back thank four the info you dsaved me thank you

AWESOME! article, you saved me man, Thanks.
Its the best and simple tutorial i found on net regarding this problem.
Keep it up.

Thanks Man

Thanks for assistant I did it very well and I restored my previous bookmarks of all sites

tnx for this info:D it really saved my day:D

I’ve got 2 profiles to choose from and neither of them is the correct one…
No bookmark backup -folder either.
What now???

What if there isn’t any default directory in profile?

Thank you so much! This really saved me. I thought I was going to go crazy with lost bookmarks!

i have done his and it doesn’t change anything. Every time I start Firefox it just replaces the file with a new one and no bookmarks. There are two user names so all the bookmarks are there in the other user, but when I copy it to the new profile as you describe it does not work. thx.

i have done his and it doesn’t change anything. Every time I start Firefox it just replaces the file with a new one and no bookmarks. There are two user names so all the bookmarks are there in the other user. thx.

Just a note for Windows 7 users: Win 7 doesn’t have the “Documents and Settings” folder available. The folder will show up on your drive folders list but it is termed a “junction point” and cannot be accessed.

My old Firefox default profile were located in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles

I selected the ‘default’ profile and found my old bookmarks.

For some reason your tutorial does not work for Windows 7. Can you rephrase or am I missing something here?

I lost all my bookmarks.
I want them back.

thanks, great – that helped a lot !