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Myspace has become ridiculously easy to hack. I try my best to keep this blog updates with the latest hacks/codes that I find over the internet. These days even amateurs spend their time trying to hack into Myspace. I seen a number of hacks and codes released for Myspace from hacks and code for private profiles, pictures, videos, comments etc. As Myspace continues to patch up these hacks but users keep discovering new security holes and hacks and code. Just do a google search for “Myspace hack” or “Myspace code” you’ll find tons of websites that claim to have found some kind of vulnerability on myspace or found some code that can compromise Myspace security settings for private profiles, pictures, videos, comments etc. Majority of the users searching for myspace hacks/code are usually people who either want to check up on their girlfriends or boyfriends. Most of these codes to hack Myspace involve some kind of url modification.

Update 27 October 2006:
Latest Codes updated.
New Code: to view Private blogs Added
Credit: Grownupgeek, joyboner

Code :

Explanation :
This is just an URL hack so it won’t last long,
1. You replace the friendID with their friendid, and blogid with their blogid… got it?

Well to view these the profile has to be public, or a friend of yours. You have to be able to see the blogs listed on their profile.

To get friendID and blogID, right click on the link and copy it, pick out the friendID and blogID.

View Private Pictures:
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.

View Private Comments: *dead!
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.
- to get past the 1st page, change the page=0 to page=1, page=2, ect..
- as agreed, thegeek from the that site also has other working codes for viewing comments on private profiles.. you can find them by doing a google search for “grownupgeek”

View Private Friends List: *alive!
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.
- to get past the 1st page of friends, change the page=1 to page=2, page=3, ect.

View Private Videos: *alive!
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.

Message ANYONE: *alivish!
- works with private profiles & away messages. this one needs to be fixed now!
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.

View Private Blogs: *alive!
- this is for private BLOGS not private profile blogs..
- props to both Rachel & Metasyntactic for this one!
- this one doesn’t need the replacing of friend ID’s.. just one word

example: if you go to view a blog and you see the red text saying that this blog is set for friends only, or preferred list only, or set to blog owner only, all you have to do is change one word in the url.

change the red to:

Update October 14: Thank to Grownupgeek again for pointing out newly available hacks.

Also Found a new website which keeps the latest codes upto date. Check it out

Update September 16: Head over to read Myspace hack to download any song for Free Again. I think myspace has turned into what windows has done for operating systems. It has become so popular that even amature sit and waste their time trying to hack in myspace.

Update: September 13: Yet another hack has been discovered by Grownupgeek this time it allows you to view comments posted on private Myspace profiles. Grownupgeek is running a poll to see if it should be posted up go and vote here. Update: September 9: Another security hole again by GrownupGeek who was tipped off about it.

This security hole in Myspace will allow anyone to view upcoming friend’s birthdays on Myspace profiles that are marked as private. This new hole is particularly interesting because it gives anyone the opportunity to see who the ‘friends’ are on a private profile, providing that person has an upcoming birthday. Below is the URL modification that exposes upcoming birthdays on private Myspace profiles: user.birthdays&friendid=XXXXXXX *insert the Myspace friendID at the end in place of the XXXXX

UPDATE: September 3: A New security Hole has been discovered. This time you can use to view private videos. Its not such a great hack since youtube is more popular for hosting videos. The hack again makes use of simple URL Modifications. Myspace sure has some lousy programmers. The hack is given below. =vids.showvids&friendid=XXXXXXX *insert the Myspace friendID at the end in place of the XXXXX Once again thanks to GrownupGeek UPDATE: August 31: The second hole has also been patched up. Update August 29th: A new security Hole has been discovered though the exploit/hack has not been show. you can read it here. Myspace private profiles still open to SIMPLE URL vulnerability Update August 28th: Myspace has patched this security hole it will no longer work Ok the title sounds rather dramatic. grownupgeek is a geek website. Someone initially started a thread How to view Private Profiles in Myspace to see if there way a way to hack into myspace to view private profiles and picture. The hack was discovered by xxrachelnicolexx. The hack is rather simple wonder why no one found this earlier. Everyone know Myspace sucks big time, its mostly infested with Teenagers and pedophiles. Orginal Post here Below is the Myspace code that can be used to view private profiles fuseaction=profile.safeDeleteComments&FriendID=***

Replace *** with the Myspace friendID

To view the pictures on a private profile, try this friendID= **

Replace ** with the friendID there

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Hi friend!! Ur codes for seing private friends r not working anymore!! I tried them all!! Please keep me update whit the last hacker….Blessing…


I found a free way that includes no codes its called the myspace private profile viewer worked for me and the best part was it was really simple

ahhh! my mom changed my myspace password so i cant log in anymore. my email was & If any one can just give me instructions on how to hack in i would be so grateful!!!


if anyone could e-mail me at with directions on how to view a private profile on myspace.. that would be great! thank you!

how do i hack bebo private profiles? i wud be reli thankful if u get bak to me wb

so i just tried the hack for the blogs and it does not work, it just takes me right back to my blog like i am trying to edit my own blog, if there is an update someone PLEASE let me know

Hi, i really need to veiw someones blogs, but all the codes ive tried come up with only the list of them… and i want to be able to read them. Can you please email me a current code that works at : –

Thank you so much if you can help me!
I realllllllly need this doing

much appreciation!

Sometimes people hide their comments. If you want to see them, do this: Press control F, type “comments” into the find box. Click find until the link saying “View all comments” is visible. Then just click on it. This works on most comments links and some other hidden links.

hey how do i unblock myself frm people who block my

i really need to know how to hack into someones private profile..please help me

not alot links work,i only know how to view pictures and videos. you can see pictures @ but with some ids it doesnt work.

if anyone could e-mail me with directions on how to view a private profile on myspace.. that would be great! thank you!

I would like directions on how to view a private profile on myspace. It would be most appriciated.


Thank you


Hey need help of course accessing private myspace account. I wanted to know if someone came up with new codes and figured out how to keep them(by not posting them for myspace to find) let me know….

please help my mom hacked my myspace and changed the password
i have tried various ways to hack into it
yet i dont have the official email
i need a big favor
i made up
its not mine
but i dontt think its in use
i need to get back into mymyspace
more than anything

i need to see comments on a pge set to private tried everything and i can`t see anything. please hit me up if ya get the code

my mom locked my myspace my email for that is can you please help me how to hack in thanx :) you can messege me at

can someone tell me if anyone knows how to hack someone myspace account. At

There is a site that will do this for $50 as it is almost impossible to do yourself, very recommended.

i would like to view private profiles, could someone send me an updated code to

@ Arpit:
I don’t know if these guys will be able to “Hack” the “private” profiles; but they will get some spam for sure :)
Do you know someone (spammer, of course) to sell these ids. ;)

what ids you want to be spammed?

Look, if you want to view someones page including friends/blogs/pic or video links and comments there is a way which is ALOT easier to do rather then using all this friend ID stuff. If you havent got it already, download mozilla firefox – (an internet browser like internet explorer but faster and safer), when its downloaded click “view” then “page style” then “no style” then if you want to change it back do the same process but click the other option. Tis will work on any webpage that has things hidden.
You can hack myspaces by phishing. Basically setting up a page that looks exactly like the myspace login page but is not part of myspace. Once you enter your detailes there sent to the owner of the fake login page.
This is a time consuming process to make and it is not always guarenteed that your “victim” as such, will fall for it.

There are programs you can download to help you, but you need to understand CSS or javascript launguage to work them, plus they are complicated, but if you know how to use them they come in handy. There usful for hacking peoples friendslists. I have over 11000 friends on my myspace through hacking myself around the myspace network, yet I have never been hacked unlike alot of people on myspace.

Another simple way to get an account deleted from myspace is get 100 people to block them. If you have the patience that is..

i tried mozilla. didnt work. still shows private. can you help me jen?

i wud apreciate if anyne cud tell em how 2 hack a myspace lmao….. i would love to kno
holla at

how can u get into a private myspace account email me please

I tryed that URL hack didn’t work failed

I need a hack to get into someone’s private myspace. Email me at Thanks in advance!

i need to get into my friends myspace in order to HELP him, please email me at Thanks

Can you help me i need a private profile myspace hack i think my wife is cheeting on me !! Please i hope to hear back soon

i need a private profile hack for myspace to view my wifes stuff can you help me?

I need to get on a private profile. Please send a code!!!!

Hey, does anyone know how i can get the email address of a a specific myspace user, i have their myspace id.

I need help on hacking the ID is 52103708 email me at

what is a friend ID

Please how can see my boyfriend private myspace?????????


some dude stole my myspace, and I want to delete it, need access regardless of new password to do so, HELP!

does anyone know how to view a person messages not comments I have the code for that,I need the code for inbox meassages

please email me at if you have the code to look at a persons inbox messages please

can someone please post me a hack to get on myspace from scool.thanks

None of these work… so maybe get some new ones? That’d be sweet, thanks.

Would you please email me on how to hack. The codes werent working when i tried, and i need to hack into my moms ex’s myspace. Please help! :)

HELP i need to hack my own myspace i lost the pass and my email is a fake one!! HELP email me at plz i need to hack myspace!

I have like 7 myspaces and im trying to delete them all but i lost the email and password how can i hack on and delete them with out needing passwords PLAESE HELP ME.. I WOULD BE VERY GREATFUL.

if someone could e-mail me at and tell me how to hack into a myspace and see private pictures and sent messages, please let me know right away. Thank you so much for this help. =]

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me and i need a hack to be able to view her private comments box and pics. Any help would be really appreciated.

hey, um, someone has hacked my myspace account and they also changed my password, how can i hack my own account and change the password back?

hey sumone hacked into my myspace account n chaned my password i think ym bf but i need to know how to hack into my own myspace n change it sumone please help me emial me at

will someone please help me hack MY OWN myspace?
please, im begging for someones help!
if you can, or will try, send me an e-mail at __ thank you!<3

Details on how to hack someones account. Thanks.

please help i have to hack my own myspace i lost my password please help!!!!!!!

help need to hack my own myspace lost password

There is a bastard who hacked me, if you got me his password, I’d be in yer debt forever.. X_X Or at least tell me how 2 hack his account.. x_X

E-mail me at

Can someone please send me the code so that I can view a private profile on myspace?
My email is

Hi i recently suspected my girlfreind cheating on me by the comments of her freind. is there anyway you could get her username and password for me so i could read her messages? i would greatly appreciate it. Her URL is . Please email her username / pass to Thanks again and please get this done ASAP. Its ripping my heart apart.

if you could please please help i need to be able to get someones email/pass or just know how to hack into there myspace and read there messages
i really need this NOW so help me as soon as possible and email me..thank you:)

I really would like to be able to read a certain person’s (an ex) comments on their myspace page, but they set it to private. What is a code that I could use to see it? Please e-mail me at

same as everyone else, need details on how to view the private profiles email me at

Hi, I appreciate all the great work you’re doing by provididng us the codes, but I would greatly appreciate if you can email me the new code for viewing private profiles or pics…I desperately need it please..thank you very much

I need the code to get into private myspace accounts. e mail me at

Hi. i would greatly appreciate if you can send me the new link to view a private profile. And if you could show me how to get into a myspace account, please email the instructions. Thanks much!

i need help i think my gf is cheating on me…..
i need her email adress and password the url is

i noe u problebly got ur hard tore out and got pissed off but i can live with it plzzzzz
help me out
i need to find out so i can talk 2 her

I’m sick of searching for these hacks to try to view a private profile so I wanna team up with someone and I’ll make a friend request to the profile you wanna see you make a friend request to the profile I wanna see and then we’ll copy and paste everything and mail eachother. If you’re interested holla

i really need to view a private blog. its killing me that i dont know what it says but i think it has something to do with what i already found out. if i could read it it might affirm my suspicions of something that could turn into a lawsuit. please help

hi i need to get into my ex girlfriends myspace just to check a few of her messages and comments to see if any of her friends had anything to do with our seperation,please help,this is her url thank you

I need the newest code to view a private myspace page and her pictures..I need to know if I was cheated on..please help..

Would like the code to view a private myspace…..No cheating spouse or child behaving badly, I’m just nosy. please email

O it is such a lonnng story as to why I must have access to a person’s private profile, or even better, be able to read her messages. If it is possible, please allow me to keep my sanity and email me the golden key! Much thanks!

a persons myspace profile…..forgot to add that little detail. I really am going crazy insane!! Pppplease help!!

Hi! I am nosey too and want to look at private myspace pics (the pics are not private, the myspace is), can anyone give me a new linkypoo? The last one I was using doesn’t seem to work anymore (YoPress). Does anyone know of a new way?? Email me at

P.S. I think that we all know about the Firefox change page-style trick – that is for your friends’ or public myspaces who have private things on their page. I want to know how to view PRIVATE myspaces who aren’t my friends. Demanding, I know.

Can you send me a link on how to view private profiles and photos?

Hi, is there a way to view private myspace pages if you aren’t on the friends list? Please email back to


Hey, I too would like to just view a private profile not on my friends list. is this possible? send me the code:

1. make a fake profile..
2. then figure out their email [ask them]
3. then hack their email by using the forgot pw tool!
4. send the myspace forgot pw to their email, and wallaa.

usaly nvr works, and i’ve tried it didn’t rly work but, oh well=/

if u already have thier email though, just do steps

1. make a fake profile..
2. then figure out their email [ask them]
3. then hack their email by using the forgot pw tool!
4. send the myspace forgot pw to their email, and wallaa.

usaly nvr works, and i’ve tried it didn’t rly work but, oh well=/

if u already have thier email though, just do steps 3 + 4.


Please email me with a code to check PRIVATE myspaces. I think I found my father who abandoned me when I was 5 but I want to know for sure before saying anything to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Email to

Can you please email me the codes to look at a users private profile and their pics as well! I need them asap! Thanks…

Hi there.
Does anyone have some new codes?
It would be wonderful to get a picture code or comment code. :-)
If it is possible, then it would be very nice when you would send it to me to:
Many thanks!!!!!!!!!

so i just tried the hack for the blogs and it does not work, it just takes me right back to my blog like i am trying to edit my own blog, if there is an update someone PLEASE let me know

so i just tried the hack for the blogs and it does not work, it just takes me right back to my blog like i am trying to edit my own blog, if there is an update someone PLEASE let me know email me

Please send me new working codes at Thanks

Can you please email me the codes to look at a users private profile and their pics as well! I need them asap! Thanks..send to

Need view private pictures code please e-mail

i need a code that works ASAP…this relates to keeping my kids safe

oh…my email is

Yall people are fucking sick… no one is going to email codes n shit to you….Im going to personaly spam-fuck everyones email one this page…..have a nice day:)

yeah, unfortuantely they don’t work. let’s keep on searching.

I cannot read the whole code for viewing the friends list! can someone rewrite it so it doesnt cut off!!

Or send it to me

Hurry!! My 10 year old is talking to older men!

S.O.S !!!!!!!!!!I would really appreciate a update on the codes for viewing private profiles. Thanks :D xoxo

i cant multi task at all and yesterday i was on the phone and changed my passowrd i need someone to hack in and tell me pleaaaasssee! my email is please give me instructions or someone do it for me :)

can someone please let me know how to hack into someones myspace….or just VEIW a private myspace……email me at

You people reallllly need to get a life. Some of these reasons that you guys come up with to get some help to hack your girls or guys profile are priceless. Here’s a little advice. 1. Move-On!!! 2.Yes, there profiles are private probably to keep all you stalkers away. 3. What you don’t know wont hurt you. 4. If you think there cheating then your already ahead of the game .
4. If your guy or girl has secrets why would you want to waste your time with them anyway. 5. Walk away and give them that one finger salute in there honor.
See how easy that was. Don’t you feel better. Have a great day now that your going to move on with your life.

PS, I have a life. I was asked to come leave some advice for some lost pups.

How do you hack into a PRIVATE profile.
I really need the help! Pleasee.

224128694 need help getting the code to veiw private page

i cant get into my myspace it is can u tell me how 2 hack into it pleaze thankz

I need to get into my Wife’s myspace account! I need her password! Can anyone help?

need to see someones messages urgently..
please please please help

Ditto as above – need to see private blogs to confirm my suspicions of infidelity. please email me at

how do i look at a private profile?? none of the codes i tried worked. can someone PLEASE help me!?
email me @

my boyfriend has these strippers on his friends and i want to delete them. and i also think he is tryin to hide sumthin from me so can u plz help me hack his? Note:his passwords always normally end in 96

need help seeing a pro set to private…
please email if you can help.

I need to see someone’s profile & pics, can someone help? send help to

Any new codes for viewing private myspace profiles?

does anyone have any codes to hack someone’s myspace account and view their comments? i only need to view comments and their’s is private

hellp i changed my password on myspace now it wont let me back on wat did i do????if you can help me my e-mail is

Can you tel me how to hack someones myspace? I’d like to look at their inbox. I also need a hotmail account hacked too.

Need a myspace/facebook password. Willing to pay.

I totally forgot my myspace password and the e-mail i had put down and said it was me wasn’t really me (that was before they started asking for verifications) so if someone can PLEASE hack into my myspace (, and send me the password to

If you do, i dont care what you have to do just send me my password,

Hey…I really want to get on my boyfriend’s profile and check and see if he’s cheating on me…sneaky I know, but I would appreciate any help you can give me!!

umm….. well it looks like alll the good reasons to hack some ones myspace r taken so im jus gonna com out and say it i want to get revenge on this bitch and fuck her whole myspace world up shes not an ex or any thin jus a ex friend who stabbed me in the bac but if any 1 is interested in sendin me any codes at all for any thin thatll work or any ways to hack in to her shit thatll work hit me bac at

umm….. well it looks like alll the good reasons to hack some ones myspace r taken so im jus gonna com out and say it i want to get revenge on this bitc and fuc her whole myspace world up shes not an ex or any thin jus a ex friend who stabbed me in the bac but if any 1 is interested in sendin me any codes at all for any thin thatll work or any ways to hack in to her shit thatll work hit me bac at


Hey can someone send me a working hack in order to view someone’s myspace photos? Please send instructions to

Hey…does anyone know how to hack into profiles? Not private or public per say…just regular myspace profiles. Please send to


send me the code to view private account

i want code to view private account please

can some one hack this dude =

hes a freakin perv at school everyone hates him..please

I need to get into private Myspace. If anyone has some new codes they don’t mind sharing send them to Thanx

can someone send me a hack for private myspace profiles to thanks soooo much!

is there even a code that exists any longer that myspace hasn’t fixed? i suspect that my wife was cheating on me while i was in iraq, and all i want to do is look at someones pic and comments. i don’t want to do any of the other crazy things that hackers have the ability to do. please help!

If a code exists for viewing a private myspace profile, I could really use it. If anyone can, please send it to

if someone could e-mail me and tell me how to see private profiles…my email is…thanks

I’ve been trying all night to get into a private myspace picture. but its not working please please please someone email me with the right code and step by step on how to use it!! Thanks a bunch!!

look i’m a webmaster also so if you ever need help dealing with some of these people let me no my company daniel inc has a few 100 empoloyees at my dispoasal so if you need help send me an email

hey daniel i need help man some dude hacked my myspace and changed my password and email and the salute thing aint workin for me thanks

Hey if u have some codes that do work 2 see a persons pics wit out adding them as a friend when thier profile r set 2 private hit me up JOCELYNE.ORTIZ@HOTMAIL.COM


I’ve been trying all night to get into a private myspace picture. but its not working please please please someone email me with the right code and step by step on how to use it!! Thanks a bunch!!



SEND IT TO s.bann@yahoo


need to know how to see private profile, email at

Hey guys.. i know how to view comments and friends on myspace.. but you have to have them on your friends list.. if u wana know send me a msg at i can assure you.. you wont be will not have to pay me ok.. :D

Can somebody help me out to hack a private myspace profile…?
Email at

Can someone please tell me a way to hack into someone’s private blogs? A way that works? please

Firefox ‘hack’ no worky

Just want a code to view a private profile.

Just wanted a code to view a private profiles pics

I want a code to view a private profile….Please..
TNx people…..

firefox thing not working. most of the stuff in here isnt working. i want to see the friends list thats all.

need code for private profiles please.

need code for private myspace profiles please email at

rofl you little kids and your precious myspace profiles crack me up…”my mommy changed my myspace password now I can’t log in boo hoo” heres a thought, if your still living with mommy and daddy you really don’t need a myspace you need a job nor does anyone need myspace its just one big fad and nothing but a hook-up site…but kdis for some reason these days thrive on drama and myspace provides plenty of that.

I think my husband is cheating on me but he is using some foreign email address that i didn’t know about. Is there a way to find out the password that is associated with it? If there is please email me at THanks so much!

I’m tryin to view someones private page including pictures,friends,& comments

for people there is a wayy easier way to see hidden comments or friends. Just go on the user profile and for example
it will show like that on the adress bar just replace
profile with comments or friends!

I need to get into a private profile on myspace. Email me the code to Thanks!

I’m tryin to view someones private page including pictures,friends,& comments….could you guide me how to hack in….show me step by step ….

Hey! I’m Jamee.
And I can not get in to my myspace.
B/c I can not remember my “Password”
So I need to “Hack” My own account.
But I don’t know how.
If someone knows how to
Let me know!
E-Mail me at

I need help. Someone hacked into my myspace account and changed my email and password and now I can’t get in. I have pics of my daughter on there and would like to get back in to take them off or even delete the account completely. I know that someone is in it because I can see the last time they logged in however I haven’t been in it in months!! Please help me. I need to know how to get back in there so I can take care of this.

can someone please tell me how to veiw a profile on myspace thats private.

i need to hack someones comments. lets find a way huh? keep me posted.

i need to see my friends messages becase she said she was talking to this boy that likes me and she said he does and i want to see if shes telling the truth so how do i see her messages????

Is there any code that work to view private profiles I am working on an investigation and need to see a private profile any help would be great thanks

email me at

I need a code to get into a private profile. I think my significant other is cheating. Need to find out this will help!

Please send me the codes, I’m trying to find out if my daughter is in trouble.

None of these work…PLEASE UPDATE NOW!

someone tell me how to hack into my daughter’s myspace. her profile is

this is rather urgent. please email me at

I need a code to view private profiles. Please email to thanks

someone hacked into my account and i asked my friend to change my password because my comp was stuffed at the time. so i need to know how to hack into it because i forgot what my password was. please help me.

Hey I need a code to get into a PRIVATE myspace, including a way to view pictures that may be posted private. It is the only way if I can find out if my whole life has been a lie. Please help me, THANK YOU.


I’m not asking the codes to cause trouble or make money out of them. I’m not planning on redistributing them and it’s only for a one time try.
If anyone has the codes pleas email me at

hack this dude right here.
he hacked mine.
who hacks it, i am very greatful.
his email is
and his myspace url is

plz mess the shit out of this myspace.

hi the codes the you have here to see the picture are not working any more i try them all and i din’t get any please let me know when you get more code for the picture

some dude hacked in to my page change everything around and is now tryna use it like it’s his i need someone to hack back into it for me.. this is the url’ll pay you

ok i forgot my password to my myspace i need anyone to hack my myspace and change the password to password627 my email address is there isnt special information there so i dont care what u guys look up on there i just need some one to change my pass please and thank u very much


WELL, YOUR SOLUTION IS RIGHT HERE. Hit us up we will give you proof first. Email For further instructions.

Hi, can email me how to hack into private blogspot? :D




hey i need your help please i got this girl on myspace that i really like and she will never message me back a was wondering if you could tell me how to hack in someone profile and get to there moble number were they set up so they can send pics strait to there my space just message me on yahoo istant mesangerif you can help me my email is

u crazy man thats so stalkish man like if the bitch dont like u let it go its other bitchesz out there damn

Haha im bout to hack into a niggas profile like no joke (;

how did u hack in?

If you can send me a code or directions to my email about hacking in a myspace or yahoo i would appricate it

you just go to google and type in ”how to hack myspace if its blocked” and keep scrolling down until you see profiles skinz and stuff and you click on that and it tells you what to do…><-

heyy, ummm im look for a code,,, umm its to see how were the last people that went into your page ((profile))
im looking for all over the place, but cant find it…
can you help??

dhis shit dnt even work how bout wen i cumm up in dhis bitch next time have some new working muthafukin codes unless ima be real fukin mad and trust me yall bitchesz aint gone like me wen im angry

im lost… with these code… do i put them in the URL??? because when i do that it says file not found.. do i place it somewhere else??

i need to no my myspace password my email is if u can find it out send me a message and tell me what it is plz

can u just do the hackin for me? plz, thanks

i need some one to get my myspace back 4 me my ex bf changed the password my email is please help me

i have a myspace that i made in 6th grade, im older now and i want to get back in, the thing is someone hacked my profile back then and i was never able to get back in. is there anyway that i can get back into my old account!?!?!?

hiiii ;)

how do i hack someones myspace password ?

because i want to see waht my boyfriend is up too ..
but he wont give it to me .

hi my name is ana some one made a myspace of me and i have no access to it, it has caused me marital problems i would like to see if there is any way i can cancel it? please help

My girlfriend and I are coming up on a year, and have been having some problems, and she knows like I do honesty is a big part of our relationship, but I think she’s been lying to me because she said she was over her friends house when I saw her friend comment her saying “wtf why didn’t you come over” and I can’t tell what she said back because I’m not her friends friend. All I want to see is if she said something that would hint at cheating so I can talk to her about it. I also saw a guy say…”Don’t you have a man” So I was curious why he would say that and agian couldn’t find out what she said first. Please help me, I love her to death and would probably be with her even if she was playing me, but at least have to know if I want to keep any sanity in this relationship. Thanks for your time. If you can help me out I’m at

Hi I need help I want to view some of my friends friends list but those codes don’t work so please help me just email me at… Thanks

hey can u please let me know how to see private pictures. the sites above dont work

Hey need help of course accessing private myspace account. I wanted to know if someone came up with new codes and figured out how to keep them

i need to find out if husband to be is cheating on me can someone please help me!!!

put up some more codes for things like viewing inbox seeing friends and stuff like that

plz tell me the code to this preson photos –*§harabia♥™ tell me at

tell me to code to –*§harabia♥™ photo on myspace

Money is so intangible, its almost like a promise and a piece of paper.

i need to hack into my old myspace because i have been hacked and all the info has been changed to about my ex instead of my current bf, and now my friends think im cheating on my ex, when im not and i need to hack the myspace account so i can change all of it back to my original stufff i had written..i dont know how to do that…CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME???


ur codes don’t work none of them (excluding the blog one, haven’t tried it, i’ll try it later i have class now) update them if u need help

Please email me at, and tell me how to view private pics, Please. Thank You.

i need help hacking a dudes myspace, becuse some dude is black mailin his x-gf, a friend of mine he got pics in there that need to be deleted badly if someone can do this plz contact me throw e-mail. plzz help.

yo to view da private friends jus copy there id den go to yur friends den replace yur id wif dere boom

I want a Myspace but my mom doesn’t let me so what do I do.

Get a MySpace secretly without you parents knowing

get a facebook. lol

hey i stil dont understand please give me more information and easy knowing how to do~ please!

hey…almost rest of your link r not working….

would someone please tell me how to hack a myspace profile that actually works……email it to me please

i need sum codes 2 get in a private profile… get at me in my myspace email… dis my email… “

i need some codes for a private profile on myspace….

one believed I should immediately work quenched

Need to see my ex private pictures, comments, and bulletins if possible for Court!! I need more evidence of his drinking abuse, and taking my daughter to parties!!! need a way please! court is in may! My baby needs her mommy!

yo man we don’t get how the hell you hack someobdy else myspace next time be more simple my friend or do a video

here are usefull sofware 3 hack myspace

how to hack the private picture??please..teach me bro…

how to hack other people myspace and it is not our friend…….and how to hack people account and password……

you suck no body loves you no body likes you go die

Someone has hacked into my myspace and is pretending to be me! Whoever has done this, also hacked my email and alternate email and changed the passwords on all of my accounts making it impossible for me to access. Someone please help me ?!

can anyone hack this id for me
this guy sure making alot of trouble to me…

hey so i reallllly need to send a message and thier account is set to only accept messages from friends or has blocked me intentionally… i use the code with the xxxx as her id number instead and it doesnt work… all that comes up is myspace telling me that i am blocked.. is there another way?? thanks!

COULD SOMEBODY PLZ TELL ME HOW TO HACK A MYSPACE crist i never thought it would be so hard…. thankuuuuu

hack this prfile

How do I access inbox and outbox messages from myspace. Its concerning my girfriend and bestfriend.

I ned the same information accessing facebook inbox and outbox messages if possible. Thanks

Can you Help Me
Hack My mans profile
i think he’s cheating and i wanna find out
so let me know plz email

How do you stop the hacking…… broke artist

thees codes arent working, i tried the pictures, but nothing. help meh out maybe?

is there a code to look at their inbox? email me at

can you hack my myspace then tell me the password

Hey;; uhmm duh picshure one doesnt workk??

i want the passwor of that because i forgot it.

Hi !! Would like some tips on how to hack my GF’s email and msn …….
plus facebook account if possible

Code for hacking emails from hotmail and facebook


Anything new on getting passwords to private profiles?? I havea 14 y/o daughter who has created a private profile and is passing herself off as 22. She doesnt know i found this profile, and i want to see waht she has hidden there. At one time she was physical with a guy who is 25, adn i caught them, threatened to send him to jail if he didnt get lost permanently. But have caught her in a coupel of lies where she was supposedly spending the night with friends. Wantto see if she is still visiting with this guy through this private account. Can you help me?? Contacvted myspace, but hey said as longas she says she is 22 there is nothing they can do about it.

do you have to be logged into myspace or logged out of myspace :P ?

these mutha fucking shits aren’t working !!! i am trying to hack some bitch a.k.a my hater and it don’t work for shit !!!


Your code for viewing private pictures is not working

how do yhu hack somebody profile?
get at meh at

looking for someone to teach me how to hack myspace… seriously needed :(

Hey I was wondering if you can hack an account for me.
If you can here is the girls account:
She keep stalking my boyfriend. They use to date. We both want her
to stop but she won’t. So can you please help us.


i wish to join u as a member as

I’ve been trying to hack into a account but it just won’t work :(
you have some updates or something?

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