How To Get Instant Traffic For Your Blog Or Website

Another Title for this Post would be Top 5 ways to get Instant Traffic to your blog since this post is part of the Group Writing Project being run by Darren at problogger

Here are some Quick ways to get instant traffic to your blog or websites.

1. Social News Sites

The number one source for getting Instant traffic to your blog is through social news sites like, Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Fark, Techmeme. I sure you have read a 101 post on how to leverage social news sites to get traffic. So I am not going too much into the details and bore you with it. But you need to keep some basic points in mind.

Content is King

Research your topic throughly, examine it from all possible angles, once the content is posted on any social news site Example Digg it will be ripped apart by the users from those sites. Write in a easy to read style, don’t use complicated words and phrases.

Write Eye Catching Headlines

While you might have some really good content that you took a lot of trouble to write. Internet users in general are know to skim through websites and blogs. Therefore the Headline for your article is very important. Digg users in general are know to succumb to titles and headlines that grab attention.

Format your Text, Design

Another important factor is the usability and readability of the article and content. Don’t just post the content in one huge paragraph, break it into points, use headings, bullets to emphasis your topics and points.

Switch Off ads on your blog

Yeah thats right turn off those ads when you submit your article to social news site. A Website or blog with no ads gets less negative attention. Users from social news sites are mostly likely to be tech savvy therefore are sure to have some form of ad blocking addon installed. The long term benefit of getting featured on such sites far outweigh the few dollars that you earn. If your bent on having ads then the best way is to configure your site to turn off ads based on the referall link. So if the referall link to your article is for example from reddit then switch the ads off.

Break News Fast

If you can break news before it gets featured on other news sites and blogs you can use it to your advantage. But you need to be a bit careful since most social news readers and users don’t like to go through a third party site to reach the original source. So the best option is to research it and give your personal opinion and review.

2. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites like delicious, StumbleuUpon etc have the potenial to send you a fair amount of. These depend on various factors. For example delicious has a popular page for every tag and sites with tagged by the most number of people are featured on the top, for stumble upon its a different case it depends upon the value of the user who has bookmarked. Another reason is that a lot of blogger use widgets of their latest bookmarks on their site, which automatically gives you a free traffic and links to your site.

Make your Bookmark Links or Icons Obvious and Easy to Use

Put links to social bookmarking site on all your articles and encourage and make it easy for users to bookmark your articles. If you don’t like your post cluttered with a large number of Bookmarking icons and links list only the most popular ones and have the rest of them in a drop down menu like I have done.

Get Some Plugins To Help You

There are some excellent plugins out there that can automate the process of adding social bookmarking links to your blog. Example ShareThis, sociable, etc

3. Social Networks And Forums

Its a well know fact that Social network have the ability to send some huge amount of traffic if done the right way. Currently this is a Grey area. I haven’t tried this myself but some people have been able to use this methods successfully.

Find Your Niche

Within social networks and forums there are sub groups. Find the niche that is related to your site and blog.

Be a active member

It pays to be a regular user and member, your are more likely to have more friends, and if you post a link people are likely to be more receptive and respond.

Don’t Spam or Market too much

Be polite helpful and diplomatic don’t spam people with messages and links. Only post links and messages if you think you can relate your article in some way or the other.

4. Give Away Something Free and of Value

This method always work 99% of the time. This post itself is an example of how Darren has managed to get hundreds of blogger interested and too link back to his site. Whether it is Free WordPress themes, Zunes, photoshop files or a Prize money it has the potential to go viral and grab the readers attention.

5. Controversial Topics, Guest Post and Interviews

Be careful while doing Controversial posts or articles, get your facts right or your credibility might take a hit. Get someone popular to review or critic your Blog or website, or better do a interview with some popular person.

6. Paid Links, Adwords, Paid Reviews

These are bonus points and the least popular methods and might be heavy on your pockets.

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You should not only use StumbleuUpon but also other social bookmarking websites like and
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I knew about stumbleupon but did’t know about delicious. I will try it out.