How To Access Experts Exchange and Bypass Without Registering

Have you ever been annoyed when you search on Google and click on a link that you find relevant only to find that you need to register to have access to the content. You might be wondering how the content in these sites are indexed when they are not actually viewable this is because these sites allow only the search bots to access the restricted content. I wonder why Google does not penalise site like Experts Exchange for showing different content to users and the Google search bot.

There are two ways you can access content on Experts Exchange without the need to register and and pay for membership to view the content. The first two methods are the the easiest way.

Just Scroll Down.

You might be wondering how scrolling down can help. Experts Exchange were smart enough to figure out that internet surfers have very short attention spans and rarely scroll down beyond a given point. They in fact convince the users they need to register to view the content by showing a large number of dummy comments with text that says

All comments and solutions are available to Premium Service Members only. Sign-up to view the solution to this question.

So the user assumes that the content is only viewable if he/she registers when in fact all the comments and solutions are viewable if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Use Google Cache.

This is a no brainer. When you search on Google if you see a link to Experts Exchange instead of clicking on the link directly click on the link below where it says Cache.

User Agent Switcher FireFox Extension.

If you constantly land up on experts exchange or you are tired of scrolling down so much. Use the User Agent Switcher FireFox Extension to spoof your User Agent and make Experts Exchange believe that you are a Google Search Bot. Download a list of User Agents from here and import it using the user agent switcher extension.

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the first time i realized that you could just scroll down on expert sex change, i was so annoyed. it’s very good at fooling users.

@adam Well to be truthful I never figured it out someone else told me about it LOL. I have a very short attention span when I am surfing.

I’m not seeing where the solution’s available when scrolling to the bottom. Am I missing something? I’ve been a member (of EE) in the past but canceled my subscription…It’d be nice to view the solutions w/o paying a premium.

I was thinking of writing a detailed tut on using User Agent Switcher extension. But lol, the other two things are hilarious and clever respectively.

And whats up with adam (comment #1) who wrote expertsexchange with a space after expert? :>

heh, there was one of those joke email forwards passed around with a list of unfortunate URL’s. expertsexchange was in it, along with mole station nursery.

quite interesting really. proves the point about webmasters having about 1.5 seconds to capture the users attention when they come on to a webpage – and experts exchange have used that fact to their advantage!!

I used the free method for a while but recently subscribed to EX just so that I could also post questions:)

to Tim, and anyone else who does not see the solutions *anywhere* in the EE pages.

Try to clear your cookies and file cache etc.
Or use a different browser from what you normally use, or try from a friend’s computer.

It has been reported (and I have experienced it myself) that EE may serve you pages with no solutions if you have certain cookies. These cookies may have been sent to you after you’ve ever clicked those “View Solution” buttons. This may persist across the whole EE site, and for as long as the cookie remains.

haha glad I found this post, EE had managed to fool me quite a few times with the scrolling thing! As someone else has already said, it proves a point about the patience time of surfers!

Experts Exchange is also free to join. There was a period where they didn’t make it obvious that you could join without paying, but they have fixed that now.

Thanks for pointing out the scroll thing, i didnt notice!

omg, it was at the bottom all along.
thank you…

Be aware that EE is a real US site and only interested in …. $$ :-)

I’ve been an Access expert at the site and was called names by a colleague “expert” when I asked him to elaborate his “googlish” answers.
The administrators didn’t correct this behavior and I got suspended for several months when I started to correct his faulty answers.
After being suspended all links to my geocities page with access samples were removed and now that my account has been reactivated I’m not allowed to make any critical remark.

Bottom line is that they don’t give a damn about quality and that dissidents are “silenced”.

Just google “nico5038 blog” to read more when interested and be warned not to start experting at EE. I’ve “moved” to where you can get the answers for free and the experts do cooperate to help questioners!


I remember you, you harrassed other users and ignored warnings to stop. If by dissident you mean troll, then yes you are right.

That’s funny….
ExpertSexChange… :)

Last change of EE is that they have removed the trailing answers. Only the annoying calls for $$ remain.
Please complain about this at Google, thus having the useless links of EE removed from their results.

BTW Bob, I don’t recall you and obviously you have been mis-informed.

That was quite a help. Even I didnt scroll down to the bottom of the page on my first visit. I found what I was looking for. Thanks!