Happy 60th Indian Independence Day

A Happy 60th Independence Day To all Indians.

First here are a a bunch of true Indians.

Vijay and a couple of his friends have taken an initiative to clean the potholes in the roads of Chennai today night, as a part of Independence celebration. They have planned it out and have access to tar, cement etc.

Yes! Fixing roads in the night on the eve of independence day is not exactly the best way to spend a free evening for most of us, but have you, in your three piece mind, ever thought of the “by the people” part of a democracy? We always complain about the ‘of the people and for the people’. Unless and until we contribute to the democracy, we can’t expect it to work.

A few words from our president. (Also the first Women President of India)

The saga of our Independence involved the sacrificial struggle of many freedom fighters – some whose names are etched in history as stalwarts and the countless, relatively less-known souls – whose silent contribution conjointly helped to realize the dream of an Independent India under the charmisitic leadership of the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Let us solemnly remember them with gratitude and reverence and pay homage to their sacrifice for the liberation of our motherland from the colonial yoke.

A few Words from the Prime Minster to the Nation

As I stand here and look at our tricolor fly high and fly majestically, my thoughts go to what I have said at these ramparts in the last three years. I have, over these three years, outlined a new vision of a caring India:

An India that is united despite its many diversities.

An India that is not divided by caste, creed or gender.

An India in which the creativity and enterprise of every citizen can find its full and free expression.

An India in which the weak and downtrodden are empowered, the disabled find support, the destitute find succour and every individual is touched by the hand of progress and development.

An India in which no person or region is left out of the journey of development and progress.

An India in which every citizen can live a life of dignity, self- respect, decency and hope; where every citizen feels proud to say – I am Indian!

An India that lives in peace with all neighbours and all nations.

An India that has regained its due place in the comity of nations.

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Happy Independence Day to all Indians.

@shankar same to you :)

Happy Independence day yaar !! I think on holidays, your blog is the best way to communicate with you :D . Have a great day !!!

@kanak :) same to you

Happy Independence day to all!

A tad late to come by this post – but Jay Hind!