Guest Bloggers Required, SandBox WordPress Theme Suggestions

I won’t be blogging for a week since the last date for the SandBox WordPress theme submission is 28th July and I don’t have enough time to blog and work on the theme at the same time. The SandBox theme turned out to be more complicated than I expected it to be. After going through the documentation I realized I had no control over the HTML and everything had to be done in CSS. I had to remove a number of design elements from my initial Photoshop mockup since it was not practical to implement them using just CSS. Example a date button like “JAN 09″. If you have any suggestions for the WordPress theme, layout, design etc drop me a comment. I had planned to give a sneak preview to my regular reader but it looks like I won’t be allowed to do that, according to the sandbox competition rules.

I am looking for someone(some people) to guest blog for a week on my blog. If you interested, use the contact form to contact me. Here’s what I am looking for quality content, Tech/Design related Tips and Tricks or latest important technology news. In return you can have a intro and link to your website on each post. I have an average of 400+ RSS readers. While I won’t be editing or modifying the posts I will be reviewing it before it is published.

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you can definately do date buttons with sandbox, using graphics and the date based classes. you can check out my “the thin line” theme (demo).

and you’re right, you can’t distribute the theme publicly, but you can certainly email it to regular readers for testing.

fwiw, i’ve been posting a lot less since the original announcement ;)

@adam wow *hits himself on the head* thanks a lot :D I didn’t think of generating individual date Buttons. I wasted 5 hours trying to come up with a work around :(

yeah, generated buttons weren’t an easy idea to come by. andy and scott had to sell me pretty hard on the sandbox before i came up with it.

Hi Clazh,

I would love to guest blog while you’re away. You’ve already visited my blog once, but please sign up to my RSS or visit again to have a look at the quality of my posts.

My blog is very new, but I bring quality ideas to the table.


Dev from

Adam’s right. You’re welcome to post screenshots or even supply the whole source of your design(s) to whomever you like; however, you can’t package the files and provide them as a download until after July 31.

@adam your theme was great help I managed to get the data stamp look like the way I wanted it to.
@Dev I sent you a mail. :)
@scott thanks for the clarification.

Hopefully you don’t already have too many guest bloggers, because if not, I would love to be one. While I’ll don’t have a blog at the current time(designing a new theme, and had to take everything down), I would like to toot-my-own horn to say that I am a Tech/Design junkie of sorts. So if you’re still lacking in the guest-blogger department.
Oh, and good luck on the design!

I wish be a guest blogger here. I am also running a tech/design blog (Pixl Design, and am working on sone new stuff that could be posted here.

@nathan I sent you a mail :)

If and if it’s beautiful theme available for blogger, I’m so happy. When you release it for blogger? I admire all of template which you create. Thank you.