Google The Hypocrite

Lets face it Google has a good standing in the geek community. People rarely go after Google. I find it very Ironic that people hold double standards when it comes to Apple Vs Microsoft Vs Google. I like to look at them with a neutral eye. First Google got some really bad PR for ranking the lowest when it comes to piracy. Matt Cutts tryied to defend Google by pointing out the finger on other companies. Most people in the corporate world consider Google as a One Hit Wonder or Vapor ware. The only reason why Google is a top player in the market is because of Search and advertisement.

In its latest Hypocritical move Google has filed a Anti-Trust lawsuit against Microsoft so that they can load their crappy desktop search Program on Vista. Microsoft was good enough to agree with Google and decided to comply with Google’s request, but Google didn’t seem satisfied so they refiled the lawsuit. In the latest turn of event the Judge threw out the case.

A federal judge refused on Tuesday to rule on a last-minute Google antitrust complaint about Windows Vista’s desktop search, saying she trusted government attorneys who said they were already satisfied with Microsoft’s planned changes.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said she would rely on the U.S. Department of Justice and state attorneys to alert her if any further action is needed to address antitrust allegations lodged on Monday by Google that the search function still won’t allow for adequate “user choice.”

“The plaintiffs, as far as I’m concerned, stand in the shoes of the consumer,” Kollar-Kotelly said at a periodic status conference here. She added that Google “is not a party to the case.”

Here’s what what hypocritical about Google.

  1. Why not go after Apple for the same thing, their spotlight works in the same way
  2. Google and Dell load Crapware on your computer
  3. Google hijacks users mistyped search inputs and shows them ads.
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I totally agree with you here. I was shocked that Google went all out to blame Vista, when
a. Vista search isn’t half as bad as Google Desktop search
b. Vista has actually done something right in the first place
c. Apple has done “nothing” for Spotlight despite the fact that Apple computers is picking up market share 30% higher than any of the other PC manufacturers…

For the first time, Google fell in my eyes as well. =|!

Btw, don’t take it personally Google lovers – GDS sucks @$$.

My move from Blogspot to WP is a personal retaliation of current Google *scenario*. I used to be one of the die-hard Google fans; even after they disabled my AdSense account.
However, later on I realized that they have turned into a two-faced company (read monster). I say monster not to highlight the character, but to emphasize the size of the company. With every single deal, Goog has been buying another piece of the internet… which demands and expects a more responsible attitude. I suggest reading RSnake’s post (and the comments) on the same.
As far as this particular news is considered, M$ is not less guilty for their behaviour. It was, however, expected of M$… but Goog is different, or so as we used to think.


It was, however, expected of M$… but Goog is different, or so as we used to think.

Why do we take this attitude? We have somehow accepted that M$ is always the one who’s wrong and would take corrupt practices. This has been an onslaught from the Linux side, from the Apple side and now also from the Google side =D!

I am not saying that M$ is not someone who wouldn’t stoop to such practices. However, we must not deny that the Operating System is finally their product. I mean ideally we are paying money, agreeing to their licenses and forcing them to change stuff the way we want it to be [owing to the money we are paying 'em to use the software on our hardware].

I am sure that I will be bombarded with an opinion that we are paying money to them to “license” their product and that we should be able to do what we want with it! But, I am not going to deny that I have never read the complete license agreement. So, well, let’s face it. The fact that M$ did change some stuff for Vista as per Google’s request is still pretty awesome and a step in the right direction from them

Why do we take this attitude?…
I guess, because they have successfully proved it time and again. I hope you remember the one of their several internal mails, which disclosed that once they almost decided to stop shipping Office suit for Mac.
Here we are talking about Anti-Trust case, where M$ has been the undisputed Heavy weight champ ;). Thus obvious from the M$ camp. It has almost always ridiculed smaller companies and killed competition.
As far as the current case is concerned, they had to, one or other way, allow the changes. :)

Now, coming to the good part. However I may hate it, but I have to admit that M$ has played a pivotal role in organizing the industry. Ironically, there monopoly played an important role, especially in case of the adamant hardware vendors. Moreover, I have openly appreciated Billy Boy for his contributions to the society.