Google Launches Official Gmail and Orkut Blogs

Google has launched an Official Gmail and Orkut Blog. This has been long over due. Almost all the products that Google have their own official blogs. Gmail is one of Google most popular services. So which Google Blogs do you read. Here is a list of Google Blogs that I read.

Source: googlified

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I don’t necessarily agree with the fact that they were long over due or anything of that sort. But then again all the news we’ve got on Gmail tips,tweaks etc are from non-official Google sources. It will be interesting to see what ‘original’ ideas Google puts on the blog.
P.S: – You might want to check the link of ‘Googlified’ at the bottom of your post. It currently points to a non existent page on your site! :)

Thanks man I updated and corrected the link.

I would say – share the feeds my mate =P!

Hey Guru just look in the sidebar of The Official Gmail Blog you’ll see that they have listed out all the Official Google Blogs.

They have done a really good work, by compiling all the official blogs.

Now that Google lost it’s GMail trademark… I guess the blog name (and probably our email ids ) will be changed soon.

Hey I didn’t know that they launched Orkut blog too! Atleast, now we’ll be able to tell them what we like and what we don’t like in orkut!

And Arpit, Great blog design!!!

hey Mayank thanks :)

@bipin I thought that they lost the name Gmail only in the U.K and Germany?

Is it?
Then I guess it’s going to be more interesting. Will they keep a different domain name only for Germany and UK, or change it for everyone!
The latter definitely looks troublesome. :)

Thanks for correcting BTW. :)

OMG .. you are really Google crazy ….

You should get award from Google and may be just work for Google as PR…

You got a lot of to read …

Yeah I am bit Google and Microsoft Crazy. Apple Doesn’t blog or else I would have them in my Feed Reader too :).