Google Docs And SpreadSheets Redesigned

Google Redesigned their online Docs And SpreadSheets Applications it looks really neat and organized.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Looking pretty – The entire document list has been given a complete visual overhaul – new icons, more content, and better organizational controls. We know users spend a lot of time here and we aim to make it feel more like home.
  • Getting organized – Almost from the day we launched people have been clamoring for folders. They’re here! Even cooler, our new folders continue to work like the tags they’ve replaced – your old tags are automatically converted to folders and documents can live in more than one folder at a time. Organizing your documents is as easy as dragging and dropping a document to a folder. We’ve also included special controls for seeing only those documents created by you or shared with a particular person.
  • Search that thinks ahead – If you’ve ever tried Google Suggest, you know how cool it is when a search engine offer suggestions as you type. Google Docs & Spreadsheets now works the same way – we offer dynamically filtered results from your document list as you type, saving you time and getting you to your documents more quickly.

5 Responses

Yeah .. I use it everyday. I like the new interface.

You know what is the next? You can read your document on your new iPhone …

Good news! but I seldom use it. It’s really cool they overhauled it. Thumbs up for google.

I happened to test this yesterday night, worked great!

@everyone I have used it only once or twice it, I found it very slow and disorganised. Plus it generates a lot of junk html. I checked it out again. I think the changes are purely cosmetic. Its still slow. I am actually looking for a solution where I can post and sync my blog drafts. Currently I am using Windows live Writer to sync and manage my drafts. Do you guys know of any other way.

Google seems to be redesigning all their products, be it adsense, Analytics or Docs. The new look is good.