Google Chrome OS All About it – Breaking News

We all knew Google has been secretly work on an Operating System called the Google Chrome OS, Google has now officially announced the Google Chrome OS. The best part is they have open sourced the whole code. Could this be the operating system that everyone been waiting for? Not really here are a couple of reasons why, read about it after the Video.

What? How? Who? Etc about the Google Chrome OS in Brief

  1. Will be Open Source.
  2. Speed, Simplicity, and Security are the pillars of Chrome OS
  3. Cloud based OS, which means all your data will be stored online not on the hardisk.
  4. Here is the funny part it will be a paid ?
  5. Support the latest Web Standards HTML 5 CSS 3.0 etc
  6. Not meant to be your Primary OS.
  7. Can be run in a Virtual Machine.
  8. Main targets are netbooks, since the use of netbooks have been growing at an exponential rate.
  9. 7 Second boot time. Everything is flash-memory-based–no hard drive.
  10. Will run only web applications no native applications.
  11. Chrome OS looks very much like Chrome browser

Here is a video of a prototype of the Chrome OS

What is the Google Chrome OS Video In Brief?

Watch this video which explains it in brief. After the video I have listed out all the technical details.

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