Good Bye Apple You Suck Really Bad

Apple you suck. Here’s Why

  • I have more than 900 Songs from iTunes in the last 1 year and I can play it only on an iPod or using iTunes on a PC I can’t play them on my Phone or portable music player.
  • I wanted to buy a Mac Book Pro, I decide to check the Apple India Store and find that they are listing Products which are more than 2 years old. I send a mail to Apple complaining about this I receive no reply and the site is take down the next week and hasn’t been put back or updated in the past 2 months and currently still shows an under construction page.
  • When I call up Apple Customer Sales Support they don’t pick the phone most of the time.
  • I finally manage to get a Friend to find out the price of a Mac Book Pro from the Apple Store in Bangalore and found out they cost $ 525 more than the one being sold in the US. Dell sells a much better configuration and laptop model(Inspiron 1520) for a lower price and the price is almost the same as the one being sold US price.
  • You dropped the price of iPhone by $200 in just 2 months. Which means you sold it for much higher price to the early adopters.
  • You are blocking Third party Apps for the iPhone. (Nokia should step in with a better touch screen phone).
  • Your Mac vs PC ads are beyond stupid.
  • Lastly while not really important the number of search results for Apple Sucks have doubled in the last 3 months.
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I think you are stupid :) Love mac, mac is the best!

@Zigmat obviously I like Apple but I can’t help feeling frustrated hence the rant.

You just hear these stories allover the web. Apple is nothing but hype and design mostly.

I’m also frustrated with Apple at times because of the lack of support they have outside the iTunes store countries(I’m in Bulgaria btw), but hey I love OS X, I love my MBP. Don’t take things out of their proportions, just enjoy your machine and your life, keep no hard feelings, piece

Arpit – Worry not you have lots of friends all over the world.

I think the reason for people getting disheartened about Apple products is because they give unfair hype for the products. take for instance iPhone its a stupid piece of technology – while being a good piece of design and frills. Come on who uses a phone without video support these days?

They create the hype – they get to fool the early birds. Flies to the flame – in my words!

Wise people never fall for the noise.


…and thus, Arpit finally broke the evil, yet sexy, grasp of the Apple faced closed source/DRM/….. monopoly, run by the vicious, yet admired, cut throat dictator named Steve Jobs. :P

@mani I agree most Apple Products are over hyped. But they do make good stuff.

@Bipin Lol :D watch out you might be trampled by the Apple Herd roaming around the internets.

Apple sucks in UAE also. They’re selling the old generation 15″ MacBook Pro (MBP) with the ATi gfx card for Dhs 9k (Rs. 99,000) or so (17″ costs Dhs 12k.

The best place to get Apple is from Americas (USA & Canada) and Europe (UK and Germany).

Hey don’t invite the wrath of Apple fans (inc. myself). :D

Though I love apple’s design and ideas, I hate the fact that their prodcts don’t have sufficient functionality, and they target the slightly dumbed down market, and don’t include any advanced features.

For example, when they have a good keyboard in iphone why not allow searching of music which would be so easy to implement.

I’m thinking of buying a 160gb ipod though :)

@Ashwin I had asked one of my friends who is in Dubai for MAC Book Prices since Products in Dubai are mostly duty free. But surprisingly there wasn’t much price difference.

@Anirudh I am thinking of getting a ZUNE ;) take that Apple.


watch out you might be trampled by the Apple Herd roaming around the internets.

For the cause of greater good, I am ready to take a few blows ;)

I am thinking of getting a ZUNE take that Apple.

Puleeeez tell me that was a joke. puhleeezz. *sob* *sob*

@Bipin I don’t see whats wrong with the Zune. Just because its from MS people have been bashing it.

I’ve bought an iPod once (15 gb 2. gen) and the battery was defect. No battery replacement program in Denmark, so after living 4 years (I’m not usually that patient, but I rarely used it) I bought a Creative Zen Vision M 60 Gb and I haven’t regretted it once!

The Apple stuff looks really good, but it is nothing but hyped. I’m going to the States in 3 weeks and I might buy the new Zune 2 (if it’s available).

Apple is nothing but poor customer service and over-hyped marketing.

Imagine if Apple created Halo 3. I can’t imagine how crazy that would be…

@Dennis I am going for The “Expression Round The Clock” Event by Microsoft on the 4th I hope handout a few free Zunes 2.0 LOL :)

Hey Arpit,
Apple is a good product when coming to mulimedia creation/designing/editing.
But for a layman’s everyday use it won’t suffice.

Ofcourse, they have even much crappier support service than any brand of their level.

I would prefer a Dell Laptop, Vista or Ubuntu for OS and Creative Zen Vision for Audio/Video Player and a Windows Mobile (much cheaper and useful than iPhone).

Actually yes! M$ is a reason good enough to avoid Zune. Let me elaborate.

Quality is not always the priority. Freedom, of what you can do (and what you cannot) with the stuff that you bought using your hard earned money, matters too.
For example we might want to consider the latest iPhone update which disallows you to set your songs as ringtone… or the one that renders it useless if you’ve played with it.

Doesn’t it seem a li’ll stupid that I am forced to use something like a dummy even after paying a huge sum of money. What gurantess that M$ won’t do something similar in future?

BTW, ever considered Wizpy? :)

@Bipin I agree about the Freedom part that one reason why I don’t like the iPod or iTunes. I am thinking of getting a creative Zen Vision like Rajan and Dennis. I have never heard of Wizpy. I googled it, it looks good.

@Arpit: And what my friend is so wrong about having to listen your music on itunes or an ipod? On the one hand i love the way apple is trying to get their followers locked onto their products only. I think its a brilliant strategy to keep their following. I mean its worked with microsoft hasn’t it?
And I would like to comment only on point 1 at this point, it seems to me that it is something that 100 million other people have learned to live it. :)

Well, to me, I strongly agree with Mani’s points, they are just over hyped. There is nothing much in an iPod, but people are crazy for iPod. Apple India service is really pathetic and heard that they have withdrawn all the services from India.
Personally I dont like any of the Apple products as they are not worth the price.

@Nirmal: Having said what you have said, would you be interested in owning an apple product if you get it a substantially lower price, mate? ;)

P.S:- i am not an apple fan and i dont own even a single apple product

Nirmal-I am sure Airpit is cornered by ur question.Arpit kindly reply to his question, I am anxious hear from u…

@ben Dude are you kidding me, you call that a brilliant strategy, Twisting the customers arms so that they can use only their products. And your argument is that just because millions live with it makes it OK get real dude. Maybe its OK for but not for me. Also you can Tell that to Mr. Bill Gates. obviously you haven’t brought any songs off iTunes. Just like MS has a monopoly over windows, Apple has the monopoly over music. This is not about the price. This about DRM and the freedom to listen to my music which I purchased with my own money. There are hundreds of other devices which can easily compete with the ipod. but these devices are locked out because of the DRM.

@job I agree with Niraml the Price is not worth it at least here in India. In the end this Blog post is not just about the price its about Apple Strategy.

May be I would go for an iPod if its priced similar to other products. My point is if I were to get an iPod for say Rs 10000/-, then I would rather get a mobile phone with music because it serves many purposes. I wouldnt spend 10000 for iPod even if someone were to give me 10000 as a gift.

Again coming to the iPhone, it is selling for 50000 for an unlocked one in India, I wouldnt go for an iPhone just because of the face that I can get a N95 with almost all features for less than 30000. What I look for is the utility and second comes the look and design.

Regarding the problems with iTunes songs.. remember the problem is because of DRM, and who is in favour of DRM? Music Studios, only them.

DRM should be banned. We will all be happier

Oye! I totally agree that you’re frustrated. But, listen up man, Apple as a company sucks and well, as charismatic as His Jobsness is, I am disappointed in his tactics. Yup, apple fan boys – don’t bash me coz I know he has taken the Apple shares to an all time high.

However, I hear ya brotha!! The MacBook is terribly overpriced in India. I am still sticking to my Fujitsu Siemens ONLY coz MacBooks are overpriced in India =(!

Apart from that – decrease the amount of the graphics in the blog. I am running on a Reliance Net connect and man, it takes some time for the content to load up!! =(!

@Guru I agree with you. But I guess only here in India we are facing this problem. I think qualitywise the Mac Books are superior.

@Guru next time I redesign I’ll reduce the graphics. By the way were are you now ?

Also, the old ipod games cannot be played on the ipod classic. What a shame!

thats just like apple~~~indifferent and arrogant~~~however you have to admit apple products are simply innovative no one matches up

They are all crippled.