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Microsoft has been working on its social network called Wallop for quite sometime now. I had an account on wallop when they had launched, I tried logging in today but it didn’t allow me to login since I had been inactive for a really long time. After reading Muhammad Saleem Post and Screenshots I was intrigued. The first thing I did was to hunt on Google for a wallop Invite, but from experience I have learned that only the old sites which have exhausted their invites turn up, so I turned to Technorati the first blog to get listed was Muhammad Saleem’s I went right over there and got a invite in a instant. If you want to be invited head over there, or post a comment here. I request you to invite other people once my invites are over. Here’s what he has to say about it wallop.

“The site’s exclusivity isn’t because the site is in a testing phase, rather exclusivity is one if their selling points. The first thing I noted about Wallop is that its not just another social networking site that haphazardly integrates features just for the sake of augmenting the feature set. All the features that I explored were highly usable and well-executed. Once you log in, the site gives you the option of taking 10 minutes and allowing it to walk you through the process of setting up your account and a brief overview of some of the site’s main features.”

where the site excels, apart from its incredibly (can’t stress this enough) beautiful and intuitive interface, is that Wallops brings all these features together to make a highly cohesive and functional whole.

More places to get a Wallop Invite. greasyguide, mashable, petersen-inc, bobmeetsworld,

If You are giving away wallop invites let me know I’ll add it to the list.

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Thank you very much for the link back!
This is a really impressive design BTW :-)

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I would love to join Wallop. Can anyone invite me?

Invite is on it’s way to you Vikhyat

@dennis man you beat me to it :( .. by the way this is a intresting read eh

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Intersting stuff indeed. I wonder I can do the same with my facebook =P

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please send me a wallop invite. i love to tinker with internet flash and also love to share my pictures, i am an amature photographer, thank you