Get A ReadyMade WordPress Zipped File With our Favourite plugins

If you ever install a fresh copy of WordPress before you know that its annoying annoying to download and install all your favorite plugins one by one. Wpstar has come up with a novel way to solve this problem, he has created the wpzipper site which automates this process for you. It will create a WordPress installation zipped file with the plugins of your choice included. The website is very user friendly and well designed. I am sure a lot of WordPress users will find this useful especially if your launching a new site or helping your friend to set up a new site.

source wordlog

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This is an awesome find. Will help people like me a lot. But i did notice that there is a list of plugins out there. What do you think? Is that list complete? ;)

yeah I had a quick look through them. And most of the popular plugins are available but it must one helluva job to make sure that the latest plugins are available.

Hi guys… Thanks for the comments. There are a little over 400 plugins available on Since plugins can be developed by anyone, I’ll never have a complete list of plugins. However, I’m working on adding a “suggestion” box where people can tell me about plugins that aren’t on the site.

I’m also working on a way to help make sure the plugins are fairly up to date. Thanks again for checking out the site!