Get A Mac Ad: Choose A Vista

One of the very few apple ads that I completely agree with. One of the Biggest screw ups with Vista are the various different version.

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I love this ad. I’m a Mac user, but I also have a PC with Vista Basic. Personally, I’d rather have Basic because as it is, it uses an incredible amount of memory just to run. Imagine having the super packed Vista…you’d need 2GB of RAM just to run the OS. Insane.

@sydney these days Ram is pretty cheap 2 GB is being installed by default in most of the desktops and laptops.

for me nothing less than Windows Ultimate would do.

Yeh, it is a pretty good ad. And you gotta admit that the Dell with all the wires coming out that Steve showed at the imac conference was pretty funny and perhaps unfair.

Of course 2GB is cheap. That’s the sweet spot for me in OSX. But isn’t 2GB a minimum req for Windows Ultimate? But memory aside.. whenever I use Vista I want to yank out all of my hair. It’s far behind XP in stability, doesnt do anything for me that I can’t do in XP and well, I bought my first Mac three years ago because it was like going on vacation forever after using Windows for more than a decade.

Yeah, RAM is pretty cheap now, but if you don’t know how to install it yourself, it costs to have someone do it, which isn’t that much. My laptop with Vista came with only 1/2GB RAM, but I had Best Buy install another gig so it wouldn’t be too slow. I got a good deal though because the memory was 50% off.


This was a hilarious ad. I’m not a apple user, but I don’t like Vista either. I’m still laughing in my chair.


Using a Mac since 1 year and NEVER go back to the user-unfriendliness of Windows.