Gee, And I thought Microsoft Was dead?

If you don’t know what I am referring to then take a look at this article from Paul Graham that claimed Microsoft was Dead and caused a major ruckus in the BlogSphere a while back, with most blogger agreeing blindly. Right after which we had Surface, Vista, Silverlight, .NET 3.0 3.5, WPF, ZUNE and the list goes on and all within a span of 1 year.

lets start with this quote from radiowalker

it’s a metaphor. Microsoft is not going out of business anytime soon, but it is ceasing to matter in terms of the future of software.

I suggest you read this excellent article from Joe Wilcox Titled The Great Double Standard I have posted a few selected quotes.

This week, a number of tech journalists gave glowing reviews of Leopard. They received the software on Mac Book Pro laptops provided by Apple. Nowhere have I seen anyone gripe about conflicts of interest. But when Microsoft’s PR agency sent bloggers preloaded Vista notebooks ahead of the operating system’s launch, there were ridiculous accusations of attempted bribery. The accusations made it difficult for those receiving the Vista units to say anything positive about the operating system.

The blogosphere will praise Leopard as the next best thing ever and use it as more proof why Vista sucks (It doesn’t). Meanwhile, there will be little good said about Microsoft’s colossal 2008 fiscal first quarter results. Those people acknowledging the earnings results will blame Microsoft for trying to kill Linux and babies in Africa as reasons for its success. The perception: When Microsoft competes, it cheats.

Between Google, Apple and Microsoft who would you choose? I wouldn’t choose any of them because they are businesses and that what they will remain till the end.

Thanks to Joe Stagner for the link to the Microsoft Watch article.

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microsoft is doing exciting things. the whole flap over the vista laptops was pretty ridiculous. But as you’ve said, choosing to follow a business is a bad idea. Operating Systems are just tools for doing a job.

It’s all about what’s popular and it has been popular to hate Microsoft for the last decade. Apple has always been the stepchild that was never given a fair shake in most peoples minds, so therefore, give them a pass on any criticism. Arpit, you are one of the few exceptions that I have seen recently criticize Apple.

I’m not a fan of Vista. I’ve seen it work and I’ve seen a lot of problems occur because of it. It’s flashy and new, but other than that it isn’t extremely exciting. But that doesn’t mean we should toss Microsoft under the bus. The have done some exciting things in the past year like you mentioned. My bigger complaint with Microsoft is the cost for their products. Office 2007 is superior to most office products, but to get the full benefit you have to pay as much as a cheap desktop per computer to have it installed.

What we have to remember is that these companies are just that companies. In the end if they don’t turn a profit on their products in some way they will cease to exist and in turn the good goes away with the bad. I’ve had lots of good things to say about Google’s open source and internet based solutions and probably will continue to say good things, but even they are beginning to charge for some of their products (ie. their applications packages).

@AJ: Why does it look like we’ve been through this road already. M$ is looking better than a year or so ago. Their business models have been changing, they have a new outlook on things. Whether that will result in new products (read better) will be known later. Now as far as Apple is concerned there is no question to the fact that they are doing somethings right.

I agree to the double standards claim above. Why all the ruckus when M$ does some competitive stuff? All said and done M$ looks rearing to go and the other players who thought they could sideline M$ just cause they were big and not flexible better watch out!

Microsoft will never be dead. Even if the company stops producing Windows and other products, it will still be living in the background.

@everyone Like adam mentioned they are just companies, never take it personal.

@Johnathan I agree office 2007 is great but the price tag is ridicule.

@ben I didn’t know your last name was lee ;)

@Michael I sent you a mail let me know if you got it?

Yep, I got your email

after i saw the documentary “pirates of the silicon valley” i hav lost my respect to both microsoft and apple~~~~so i would chose google