FreshMedia Free Two Column WordPress Theme.

Its been a while since I wrote about WordPress Themes. I saw a beautiful CSS and XTHML Template provided by for free. So I decided to convert it into a WordPress theme and release it. Let me know if you find any bugs. The theme is released under the a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Please leave the original Web Designer link intact as he has requested on his site. The Theme is a two column template with a large footer and has support for widgets both in the sidebar and the footer.

You can view the demo here.

FreshMedia Free WordPress Theme


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No demo ??

@Kanak I updated the post and put a link to the demo site.

Looks amazing. Thanks for the theme.

Looks beautiful :)

Nice Clean Theme! Good one.
Also Welcome Back mate.

nice theme clazh… welcome back…

So when is your current theme shared with us dude! been waiting for months now :(

@Everyone Thanks a lot. I will be release a few more themes in the coming week :)

Wow, its good and looks cool for reading. :)

Hello Arpit, very nice theme.
I’ve translated it in french here :

@libretto Thanks a lot appreciate it :)

Looks beautifull. :-)

@Nirmal thank you

Love it, although it isn’t set-up to cope with subpages in the top navigation. I’ll be adding a dropdown I think.

Great idea, the design makes for a clean and attractive WP theme.

@Hayley You are right, I haven’t built it to support subpages.
@Darren thats what I thought too when I saw the template.

can’t figure out how to activate the image gallery in the right sidebar…can someone point me in the right direction?

cheers – J