Free Web Statistics W3Counter Launches Version 4

If you read my previous Article on Ten Best Free Web Statistics and Analytics Packages. I had reviewed W3counter a pretty good web stats package. They launched a new version and have opened up to the public. (Previously the free registration was closed) Below is a list of new features that have been released.

New Interface

  • Improved navigation: Find the reports you need with less clicks and less confusion.
  • Improved graphs: Bigger, bolder, easier to read line and pie charts make understanding your stats easier than ever.
  • Multiple site accounts: Navigate between reports for multiple sites faster than ever.
  • Feed stats: FeedBurner feed stats are now integrated into the main navigation for easier access.

New Reports

  • Dashboard: An overview of activity on your site focusing on the last two weeks.
  • Visitor Locations: An updated report of where your visitors are around the world, now with Google Maps display of individual visitors.
  • Visitor Languages: A breakdown of the languages your site visitors speak.
  • Click Overlay: The updated Click Overlay works with even more websites, showing you exactly what links your visitors click on from each page of your site.
  • Click List: A tabular view of the click data for any page of your website.
  • Visit Length: Discover how much time visitors spend on your website before leaving.
  • Visit Depth: A report of how many pages your visitors view during each session.
  • New Referrers: What sites started linking to you for the first time today.
  • New Searches: What searches people used to find your site today that haven’t been used before.

You might prefer this web stats Program to Google analytics since the User Interface is extremely friendly to use, Looks like Clicky has some competition. The Free Version is limited to 5000 Page views per day which is more than enough for average blogs.

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