10 Free Web Design Icons For Download, Used On This Web Site

I thought I would review and showcase some of the beautiful Icons that I made use of while designing this web site. I redesigned the site a week back and have made extensive use of various icons across the site. All the icons featured on this site are freely available for download and can be used for both commercial and personal use. Some of the icon designers require you to link back to their blog or web site. Using icons while designing your web site, blog or web application not only helps to increase the usability of the user interface by providing visual cues to the user, but also makes your design look more pleasing in terms of the look and feel. Its important that the Icons you use convey the right visual cue to the user. The iPhone is a great example of an application which makes extensive use of Icons. Computer users are very familiar with the use of icons especially the ones that they come across everyday in their day to day use. With the onslaught of so many social networking sites, each brand is now associated with their own colours, logos and icons. Some common examples are Apple, Windows, and Google.

Here are 9 + 1 Icon sets and collections that I used on this site and 1 bonus icon collection that I contemplated using for the design.

Social Network Icon Pack

Social Network Icon Pack By Komodo Media. These icons are really quite popular and have become common place. Designed by the awesome Rogie King. It contain a extensive list of icons in 16px and 32px for the most popular social networking sites on the internet. These 16px Icons are really crisp and sharp.

Social Networking IconsSocial Networking Icons

Download the Social Network Icon pack

The Oxygen icon theme

An Open Source Icon Them, the Oxygen icon theme was initially started by David Vignoni, then a number of other designer joined in to create an Icon Theme for the KDE Desktop. The icons are a collection of different works from different designer. While there is no official download package you can download it from the Ubuntu repository.

Oxygen Icon ThemeOxygen Icon Theme

Download the Oxgen Icon Them Note: Download the Deb Package and use 7-zip to unzip and extract the contents.

iPhone style sidebar icons

These pretty Icons were created by Susumu Yoshida. I found it while hunting around for 16px Icons.

iPhone Toolbar IconsiPhone Toolbar Icons

Download the iPhone Style Sidebar Icons

The Crystal icon theme

Another Open source Icon theme created by Everaldo and a list of few other designers designed exclusively for Linux. These icons are very Popular and have been ported to Windows and the Mac too.

Crystal Icon ThemeCrystal Icon Theme

Download the Crystal icon theme

Danish Royalty Free Icons

Create by the famous now retired Icon designer, Jonas Rask of Denmark, these are a list of Icons designed exclusively for the Web and for use in web applications.

Danish Royalty Free IconsDanish Royalty Free Icons

Download Danish Royalty Free Icons

Web Injection Icons

Web Injection Icons Designed by Jonatan Castro from Galicia, Spain. A small collections of web icons.

Web Injection IconsWeb Injection Icons

Download the Web Injection Icons

Toolbar Icons Starter Kit

A small set of web Toolbar Icons, created by Kombine, contains about 45 Icons in the set.

Kombine Toolbar Icons KitKombine Toolbar Icons Kit

Download the Toolbar Icons Starter Kit

Glyphish Icons for iPhone Applications

A collection of 130 icons for iPhone applications. Created by Joseph Wain. Has been used in a large number of popular iPhone Applications.

Glyphish iPhone IconsGlyphish iPhone Icons

Download the Glyphish Icons for iPhone Applications

DelliPack 1 & 2 Icons

A small set of generic web Icons created by Dellustrations.

Dellipack IconsDellipack Icons

Download the Dellipack 1 & 2 Icons

MinIcons Set

Though I didn’t use any of these Icons to round of the number to 10 I included MinIcons Set by Asher Abbasi.

Mini IconsMini Icons

Download the MinIcons Set

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