Flock 0.9 Has been Released

Flock has come out of beta and they just released version 0.9. It looks pretty neat. Blog editor still sucks (it spits out nasty html code) you can see whats new here http://www.flock.com/welcome and what’s new here http://www.flock.com/compare

Here is a brief list of new things in Flock.

  • MyWorld: a dynamic home base for all your favorite sites, feeds, and media streams
  • Flock’s Media MiniBar provides fast access to both photos and videos on Flickr, Photobucket, Youtube, and Truveo.
  • The new Accounts & Services sidebar offers easier configuration and enhanced discovery and activation logic
  • Improved Favorites with folders and support for Ma.gnolia and del.icio.us
  • Blogging: Improved UI, integrated Clipboard, support for all major Blog services including Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and Livejournal
  • Security improvements
  • In-line spell check
  • Overall Theme upgrade
4 Responses

Hmm, I have been using Flock for sometime now. Initially was really impressed with the overall theme haul, also was impressed with the blog editor.

It’s been 2 weeks, and yes, they stand for a lot of improvement =|! Sometimes, Flock goes crazy on the CPU for some odd reason!

However, yeah they are slowly getting to a state where in I am gonna make ‘em the default browser forever =P! As of now – they stuck for 2 weeks and 3 days =D!

@guru I like everything about it (Still has a few bugs) but they messed up their new site design it sucks big time and I can’t believe they ditched the old design for all that Flash Ugh…

I so totally agree. The new design sucks @$$! I had liked the previous design a lot in fact =)! Anyhoo, just installed Flock on Linux and making a tutorial for installing it in Linux now. Lemme know if u wanna link up =D!!

guru yeah sure … but I do read your blog through my RSS reader or have you started blogging on some other blog ?