FireFox 3.0 And Opera Have Inbuilt Support For Video, SVG Is Pretty Cool

Update: Looks like Opera also has inbuilt support for video in the upcoming release. Read the Comments below

While you might have heard of Flash, SilverLight etc which are proprietary application frameworks to create RIA(Rich Internet Application) and have been developed by Adobe and Microsoft respectively. But did you know that Firefox has inbuilt support for various frameworks such as SVG, Theora and OGG, which can be used to create and build RIAs.

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) an Open Standard by W3C is an XML specification and file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and animated.
  • Ogg is an open standard for a free container format for digital multimedia, unrestricted by software patents and designed for efficient streaming and manipulation.
  • Theora is a video codec being developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation as part of their Ogg project. Based upon On2 Technologies’ VP3 codec, and christened by On2 as the successor in VP3′s lineage, Theora is targeted at competing with MPEG-4 video (e.g., H.264, Xvid and DivX), RealVideo, Windows Media Video, and similar lower-bitrate video compression schemes.

FireFox 3 Added Inbuilt Support for Video Playback

FireFox 3.0 has officially added inbuilt support for the open video format Theora. You can download FireFox 3.0 from here to see the examples in action. For example you can easily use Html tag like the example given below to show a video without the need for installing any Third Party tool to view the video.


Also Check Out this cool implementation of the inbuilt video support and SVG it tries to simulate the Microsoft Surface interface.

FireFox 3 And RIA

What do think happens if you are able to combine all these Three Open Source Standard? I see the possibility of creating RIA based purely on Open Standards.

While SVG has been there for a really long time and FireFox has inbuilt support for it not many use it for animation. I did a bit of hunting around and found some cool SVG Applications. These are built using only SVG hence you can view them only in FireFox.

source: Mozillalinks

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As you’re interested in SVG, try this big list of SVG links:

As you write yourself, SVG have been around for a looong time but no one have really picked it up. Same goes Theora. Wouldn’t the web be a much nicer place if every browser just came with built-in Theora support so that you didn’t have to bother with codecs and just know as a webadmin that whatever browser that’s gonna visit your site will be able to play your videos ?

As it is now, we have flash players but they are all pretty crappy and often I find myself having problems streaming some videos (from e.g. youtube) even though I have a fast 8mbit connection :S

How’s the tools for making apps and games in SVG ? I think that alot of people tend to use flash because of it’s easy-to-use IDE (if you can call it that) ?

> are built using only SVG hence you can view them only in FireFox

Maybe your examples use stuff that only Firefox can handle. However every browser except IE implements a large (and growing) chunck of SVG, natively nowadays. IE, losing marketshare, no longer the biggest in some countries already, needs one of the indirect ways of doing SVG.

@ Kasper Skov:
> SVG … no one have really picked it up

Ever heard of Google Maps, just to name one. More to find on my earlier mentioned links page. Remember SVG is not someone’s brand, there’s no marketing like with Flash. You’re right that people love “Flash, the ‘IDE’”, not “Flash, the format”, and once someone is stuck with one thing, they usually don’t change easily. SVG is catching up in tools. See the section on my page. Please report on the web if you decide to try a few.

@ stelt
Didn’t knew that google maps were made with SVG :) But anyways, it’s not really what I’m think of. I’m talking about services like youtube, flash players, flash games etc. etc.
Hopefully it’s just a matter of a few years time before people start to see the light and switch from flash.

SVG + open video formats + sometimes a bit of Java
that would be my recipe for getting rid of the inaccessible thing called Flash.
Good examples and helping out on implementations is always welcome.
We’re getting there, things are shaping up, but there’s certainly some serious work left

wow this has been a very informative discussion SVG sorry for replying so late.
@stelt thanks for that link it had a lot of examples.
@kasper thanks for submitting it to DIGG :) but I don’t think it will make it

Well you gotta get the word out right ?

*sigh* nice post albeit completely unaware of the other standard compliant browsers ( mainly Opera ).

Good to see a second implementation of the VIDEO element introduced by Opera in february-march 2007 and proposed for standardization to the WHAT WG.

Anyone can get the Windows build of Opera with VIDEO enabled and read about it in A call for video on the web.

Regarding SVG, Canvascape is NOT made using SVG but Canvas, hence the name. Also all the examples work in Opera.

@mathieu oh I was unaware of that let me update the post and thanks for educating me. :)

The mock ups of Firefox 3 looks very Vista-ish