FeedSmith The Official FeedBurner WordPress Plugin

FeedBurner is the most popular feed management system and 99% of bloggers use it to manage and monitor their feed readers. Steve Smith developed an awesome WordPress plugin that redirects all wordpress feeds to your FeedBurner Feed.

Today the FeedBurner Team announced that they have
officially taken over the development of the plugin.

Feedsmith Feedburner WordPress Plugin

I have officially handed over development of the plugin to the great folks over at FeedBurner. I’ve visited their office on a few occasions, and they’ve always been kind and accommodating. They loved the popularity of the FeedBurner plugin, and just how easily it allowed WordPress users to take advantage of their services. Given that my development in WordPress has slowed, I thought it only fitting for them to take new ownership of the plugin.

The Plugin is extremely easy to use just put it in your plugins directory and activate it then go the options page and paste the link to your FeedBurner Rss link. You can see the Official Instructions here I am copy pasting it here for your benefit.

  1. Copy the plugin file, FeedBurner_FeedSmith_Plugin.php into your default WordPress plugin directory, wp-content/plugins/ .
  2. Activate the plugin by logging into your WordPress administration area, clicking Plugins, then clicking Activate at the end of the “FeedBurner FeedSmith” row.
  3. In the WordPress administration area, begin the configuration by clicking Options and then the FeedBurner FeedSmith sub-option.
  4. Follow the links to create your FeedBurner feeds, or if they already exist, simply fill in their URLs in the boxes provided.NOTE: If you currently use the old, 2005-vintage version of the Ordered List FeedBurner plugin that generates a FeedBurner-specific URL (an example: www.yoursite.com/feedburner_838196/), that URL is no longer available or necessary. You will have to reset your FeedBurner feed’s Original Feed address to now use your standard blog feed address.
  5. Verify your URLs in the text entry fields, and click Save.
  6. Now, all of your WordPress feed traffic should be redirected to FeedBurner.

So go Grab the official Plugin now.

2 Responses

nice find. Im surprised i haven’t read about this somewhere else. Do you know if Steve Smith received payment for it? :)

Hello Kevin. I am sure he was in some way compensated he never mentioned about getting paid. but the plugin has a link back to his site. I am sure he gets a lot of traffic