FastCGI for IIS is Released, PHP On IIS Faster Than On Apache

Microsoft has released FastCGI for IIS. Also did you know that PHP on IIS is about 10-15% faster than on Apache(Linux). Here a list of guides to installing Popular Open Source Php Applications on IIS. You can install IIS only If You have Windows XP Professional version. Here is a guide to installing WordPress on IIS, there don’t seem to be any extra steps involved in getting it to run and install successfully. Looks like Apache is in for some tough competition, it has been steadly losing market share to IIS this year and there are other web servers that run PHP faster.

With Microsoft’s implementation of the FastCGI open standard, IT Professionals will be able to host PHP applications on Windows Server® 2003 and IIS 6 with increased reliability, scalability, and security. Customers also know that they will be able to count on Microsoft to stand by and service the Microsoft FastCGI Extension. By supporting the open standard, Microsoft has made it possible for PHP and other CGI compliant languages to be hosted efficiently and effectively on Windows Server 2003 and IIS.

3 Responses

interesting. I’d be much more convinced by speed tests preformed by someone other than microsoft.

running it in this way usually leads to crashes.

makes it sound like it only runs that fast at the expense of stability.

The main reason I moved off of an IIS host was the absurd complexity of trying to get SEO-friendly url’s.

Do a Google even some of the PHP guys admit PHP is faster on IIS, plus remember the link I gave you is more than a year old when Fastcgi was not officially supported by Microsoft. Now its officially supported.

Regarding permalinks yeah that sucks.

WOW! Finally the stuff I am waiting for! PHP is always running fast on linux as far as I can tell. Now I will be able to host my own PHP apps on my existing windows servers!

Great thanks for sharing the news.