Fake Steve Job Revealed, Harry Potter Ebook Pirate Caught?

Update: Corrected Typo thanks to Small Potato
In Two separate news articles.

Looks Like The Harry Potter Pirate Might be Caught.

The guy who took pictures of the stolen harry potter book and put them on the net forgot to remove the EXIF data which contains the serial number of his Canon camera which means he can be traced back.

deepjiveinterests Thinks he might have found the Fake Steve Jobs Identity.

When You Play With Fake, Expect To Be Found

  • Those as-yet-unnamed individuals are the gents at Sitening, a web design and search marketing company in Nashville.
  • The exact details are featured on Sitening’s blog, where they executed a pretty slick trick to nail his IP address (involving a unique URL and the knowledge that Steve uses Yahoo mail).
  • From that point they were able to pinpoint what part of the world the FSJ was writing from, and lo and behold, its from Boston.
  • Who is the leading FSJ candidate from Boston? Andy Ihnatko, whose blog is over here.
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I never knew photos could come with your camera’s serial number. Btw, I think you misspelled “revealed.”

@SP whoops Thanks :). I think almost all good cameras embed the serial number and camera type.

he can only be traced back if he bought the camera from an online retailer with a credit card, yes? otherwise, all canon can figure out is the store that sold the camera.

exif data is cool, as is ITPC. slick ways of posting copyright on images you think might be ‘stolen’

@adam interesting I guess flickr uses the same data to http://www.flickr.com/cameras/ show the most popular brands

Now this is some news (FSJ).
Though, I’d not like to know about the person if he\she doesn’t wish to unveil himself\herself. I respect privacy, you see.

BTW, this reminds me of an incident of my B.Tech. days. A jerk who was bothering me on Yahoo messenger. I shared a file that I’d put on my server. The logs (almost) confirmed that it was someone from my college hostel. (probably Ladies hostel… or so I wish heehee.)
However, I am not really proud of it as a simple netstat might have worked. But then it was long ago, my formative years :P

Pretty funny, i would love it if they find who released the pictures…can only imagine what the punishment will be.

I never thot it is so easy to trace the person. It’s really amazing to know that pictures do carry lot of personal information. I thot only Google is the major concern of privacy, but there are many things which use daily are becoming concerns of privacy.