Facebook Chat, Google Gtalk Intergration Coming Soon

A year back Facebook had announced that they were building a XMPP interface for Facebook Chat. Which is the same protocol that Google has used to build Google Gtalk, Google’s popular Instant messaging service. Process One’s bot IMTrends has detected that Facebook has implemented the Jabber/XMPP Protocol.

So what is XMPP? XMPP formerly called Jabber, is a messaging protocol based on XML. The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an open technology for real-time communication, which powers a wide range of applications including instant messaging, presence, multi-party chat, voice and video calls, collaboration, lightweight middleware, content syndication, and generalized routing of XML data. Unlike most instant messaging protocols, XMPP is an open standard. Like e-mail, it is an open system where anyone who has a domain name and a suitable Internet connection can run their own XMPP server and talk to users on other servers. The standard server implementations and many clients are also free and open source software.

This is big new this means you’ll be able to chat with Gmail and Google users. This means Google users will be able to interact with Facebook users using the same IM Chat clients. Which means you’ll be soon able to use Facebook chat on any of your favorite instant messaging desktop or web based clients.

2 Responses

Adium already has FB integration. I have been using it for quite sometime now!

Yes I use Adium but you can’t chat to google users using your Facebook id, the jabber protocol allows you to do that.