Download FairUse4WM and Crack Windows Media DRM

Microsoft’s Digital Rights Management System for music and video has been cracked, this allows people to strip their music and video free of the DRM restrictions and to allow unrestricted use of their music and video. This isn’t the first time it has been cracked (hacker have cracked it twice before). Just like how apple iTunes DRM can be removed by using software like myFairtunes and QTFairtune. Hackers have recently released a new software called FairUse4WM. FairUse4WM Strips the DRM from the music.

This has some serious implications for example you could easily use this to steal songs off Napster. Signup for a free trial and download a few songs and use FairUse4WM to remove the DRM.

FairUse4WM is a GUI version of drmdbg that supports individualization version .3930 and some WM11 versions.
Basic requirements
1. Does not work with Win98 or similar.
2. Works with both individualized content and some DRMv1 files
3. Supports WM9, WM10 and WM11beta1 and 2
The program’s functioning can be verified with “Demo” DRM files from and, as well as those from other Microsoft Solution partners.

When will companies realize the DRM is not a solution.

Source: Doom9 Forums

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