Don’t Put All Your Eggs In The Google Basket

When you blog do you blog for your readers or do you blog for Search Engines. I have noticed a lot of people who try to cram in as many keywords as possible into the title and content. Even I have done this when I first started blogging. We know that a number of people and sites have been penalised by Google for example JohnChow, text-link-ads etc for selling paid links. Quite recently a very popular and large website masternewmedia has been penalised by Google for doing paid links. This site is a premium Google Adsense Publisher and also a PR 7 blog.

A few snippets from the author’s site.

For some reason, yet unknown to us, Google has actually penalized all of my web pages, to the point that they could not be found any more for any of the terms for which they were so highly ranked until a few days ago. This is not only disaster from a standard web publisher viewpoint, but it is triple tragedy because the very visitors coming from Google, and not out of their own bookmarks or of a friend recommending them, are the very ones that make my site sustainable.

And obviously, this is so assuming these other sites also don’t get banned or penalized by Google. I am not trying to be paranoid. Fact is that there is a number of posts and articles out there that suggests in fact, that if you are linked by sites that are banned or penalized then your site as well may be penalized itself. While the logic of this is all to be understood, I link first and foremost my own other sites! Therefore it goes without even thinking that all of my sites may risk being penalized if I don’t do everything I can to put myself in safe waters.

So do you depend solely on Google for your Income? People like JohnChow still survived, because they managed to build relationships with their readers.

Remember Readership, Relationships, and Responsibility are more important than Google Juice. Google after all is just a company, they personally don’t care what happens to you. I am not trying to justify paid links (I myself took them down a month back) I am just telling a hard fact.

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The spoilt kid sets out to be the moral teacher. Duh!
Interesting. Very Interesting.

You know, this really is murky waters. I hate the fact that we bloggers have to depend so much on Google for traffic and income, but then again they are one of the quickest affiliate programs to ban its users. I have a friend who was banned from google adsense, and is now suffering big time because of it.

i believe most of them do it for search engine . every one want to earn money i.e good hosting doesn’t come cheap . some time i found people started placing ads on their personal site also

Hi Arpit, please add your blog to our new directory of Indian Blogs, thanks!

Well !! as far putting all eggs on google !! that can be said for blog income. There is no other way to earn income for blogs if you not dependent on search engine traffic. Readers help in branding , but will add only few bucks to your site coz most rss readers dont visit the site. Unless you have something to boast about like big readership or huge technorati ranking etc etc .. i think one should be google friendly atleast for some time … What do you say ??

Agreed with Kanak, keeping google in mind while writing post is not bad thing. All those blogs or sites which earns from advertisement depends on free traffic, and google is the biggest source of free traffic.

ahh that is really funny with google i have seem many illegal site with google adsense there never get banned there done a long run with adsense n still.must be some thing wrong with master new media or with google

So many things to think about for a blogger just starting out. Its hard!

I won’t be visiting your blog again as your anti spam filter would even let me post. bye bye adios

Tbh, I think you should be blogging for the sake of blogging and not for the sake of getting lots of readers :)

I think it should be well balanced. Search Engine crawler might be a bot, but visitors coming from search engines are real people right!, so I think it’s best to maintain a balance.

Arpit, I think we should stand with Google in this scenario.
Because Google did not cheat anyone so there’s no question of trusting Google. Johnchow simply in his overly done ways of going evil – played with Google TOS. Google had already stated it clearly that it does not like payed links and any artificial form of link building.John was the most notorious man for it. Little did the linkers know that they will also be penalized.
i have a similar post you might be intersted to read –

@mani I am not against Google but paid links is a grey area. I personally feel glad that John Chow got kicked out of Google. Your post was a good read

I’m amazed that you write the same topic with mine. But I’m finished my article last night before I saw this article that I found your site in Betanews .

hahaha! i love this post. you now what, i have been banned by google myself… a small website administrator who has earned less than 17 dollars in 5 months. what reason? invalid clicks? how can i commit such for having a very low page view and CTR? the answer is right in the context of your post – Google doesn’t care. Yes, it doesn’t care especially when you are a small entity, whether you are selling links to augment your income or not. Google us a fraud and others can attest to this claim not just I.

I attest that dude :)

Bipin 3~ Upadhyay » LOL looks like you are still trying to damage Google’s PR where ever possbible ;)

I speaketh the truth my friend :D
I was one of their biggest fans. The trouble is that their tremendous growth is causing trouble for them (and us)… They might not be “doing evil”… but they are closing their eyes on the evil done by their employees for sure. Moreover, they tend to ignore the security community at times.

(Oops. The above para makes me feel you’re right :P )

i already stopped serving google ads in my sites… they have disabled my account for alleged “invalid clicks”. they didnt even explain how a site with a low traffic and low CTR would be disabled for such