Did Someone Say Macs Are More Secure Than Windows?

George Ou who writes for the security column at ZDNET did an analysis of security for Mac OS and Windows using data from impartial Secunia. The Results maybe pretty surprising depending on what your views are regarding MAC Vs PC. I am personally not surprised but I certainly didn’t expect such a big difference. I have never had any viruses or significant crashes with windows in the past 1 year that I running windows XP with Service pack 2 and the latest updates.

This shows that Apple had more than 5 times the number of flaws per month than Windows XP and Vista in 2007, and most of these flaws are serious. Clearly this goes against conventional wisdom because the numbers show just the opposite and it isn’t even close.

Also noteworthy is that while Windows Vista shows fewer flaws than Windows XP and has more mitigating factors against exploitation, the addition of Windows Defender and Sidebar added 4 highly critical flaws to Vista that weren’t present in Windows XP. Sidebar accounted for three of those additional vulnerabilities and it’s something I am glad I don’t use. The lone Defender critical vulnerability that was supposed to defend Windows Vista was ironically the first critical vulnerability for Windows Vista.

Source CybernetNews

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Do you know that we Mac users never needed Anti-Virus Softwares? Ain’t that cool?

Brajeshwar » I don’t use Anti Virus myself :) You don’t need it if you keep up with the latest windows updates. Also Vista has stepped the game when it comes to security. In the end just use what you are comfortable with, I don’t buy APPLE’s FUD regarding security regarding PCs and how things just work in a MAC. But I wouldn’t mind buying a mac book pro so that I can have the best of both worlds.

Yup that’s cool, but that’s only a part of the story.
Mac doesn’t have many viruses because we never bothered to write any for them :)
However, new developments are being made. Just query for the media codec related trojan that targeted Mac users.
(I am sorry, am too lazy to provide the link. It’s on Sunbelt’s blog.)

Okay, here’s the link.

Juice » Oh please don’t point me a link to RD. It has no credibility whatsoever. The amount of FUD and Hatred spewed by RD over MS is disgusting. I try by best to stay away from overly religious Mac or Windows Fans. Do read the rest of RD posts and then decide.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve always been a neutral anyway. My laptop being a Mac and my desktop on Windows.

YOU FAIL! an EPIC FAIL Windows vista secure?… don’t waste your time and the time of others, proving that bullshit i have two computer, a imac (with bootcamp) and a pc… the windows xp in the bootcamp crash every day, is filled with viruses… and the pc, same thing.

in another hand, mac os X tiger, no problems, no viruses, nothing wrong YOU FAIL

Anyone who seriously claims that Windows doesnt need anti virus software if you keep “up to date” with patches has got to have their head looked at….

OK… if Macs had as large of a market share as PC does today, then it would have viruses, malware, spyware, and all sorts of goodies. Security through obscurity is not safe. So shut it.

There are only few Mac users if we look at how many people use PCs. I read that if there aren’t many viruses on Mac it is only because hacker’s have to work hard to create a virus for Mac and that they have no time to waste. PCs are much more vulnerable today because there are many know vulnerabilities. And if a guy creates a virus for Mac, there are fewer chances that the victim uses a Mac than a PC.