Cupertino, We’ve Got a Problem – Security Exploit in Safari

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Well, Apple, you should’ve seen it coming. With the tremendous amount of hype that the iPhone received, you should’ve expected hackers to go full throttle on exploiting their $600 toys. Thankfully, for now, it’s only researchers that are pumping out the exploits.

Everyone always gets flustered when they get hear that the “Feds” might be spying on them via their cellular communication devices. But how would you feel if you knew that some guy who lives in Nigeria was listening to your phone calls, reading your email, viewing your SMS logs, and looking over the phone numbers of your friends(if you have any, of course). I don’t know about you, but those thoughts aren’t very comforting. But if Apple doesn’t hurry up, it could become a reality. Via an exploit in the Safari browser(used on the iPhone, and available to PC and Mac owners), researchers at Independent Security Evaluators have been able to do all of those wonderful invasions of privacy.

This exploit can be taken advantage of with malicious code (which obviously has not been released) in web pages that you may be visiting. Thus, for the time being, it would be a good idea to only visit sites that you trust(like Clazh), unless you want your own miniature Paris Hilton scandal. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait TOO long for a patch, because Apple has proposed a fix that will be coming at the BlackHat conference on August 2nd. Only 10 more days until the Apple-faithful can go back to touting the complete safety that is provided from their true love.

A video of the exploit can be found here.

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