"Crystal" Superb Beautiful Open Source Icons

Wow I am completely blow away by the quality of these open source Icons released by Everaldo. In fact I can’t believe its Open Source. Designer are a selfish lot (includes me) we put in a lot of hard work and are very protective about releasing it for free. As I look through each Icon I can imagine the huge amount of time and effort spent in making them. Feast your eyes on these beautiful Icons, I will most probably be using some of these Icons for the WordPress theme that I am Working on for the WordPress theme Competition.

Uncountable hours of work and some nights without sleeping were dedicated to this project.

Download the Crystal Icon set from Here

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Yeah, they’re nice n crisp!! I downloaded them a couple o’weeks back from Yellowicon.com. :)

hey there Aaron thanks for dropping by :)

Great find Arpit. Love the sharpness of this Icon set… Waiting to see this implemented on your theme!

Cool icons. Especially the Firefox. :-)

Yeah they are pretty awesome :)

Thanks for the info.. Downloading.
I love icons and love to collect them :D

cool, till now i was always hopping onto the famfam collection.
Meanwhile got to know of your blog from Nirmal’s site, you have a nice site running, love the theme :)

Hello Venu thanks for dropping by hope to see ya around :D

Kool icons.. Especially the firefox one.. It’s gr8..
Your theme’s kool too.. Unique layout..