Copy Feed WordPress Plugin Translated To English

The Copy Feed WordPress Plugin has been Translated to English. Copy Feed is a powerful WordPress plugin to protect your content from sploggers. Previously it was available only in German.

How The Copy Feed WordPress Plugin Works :

The Plugin adds content to a feed. It is possible to configure the copyright message. You can use html. You can add the IP of a feed reader and digital fingerprint for an explicit key. There can also be a domain name for a whitelist and this domains became not the message. The plugin search for this key at content theft. It is furthermore possible to add comments and related posts to the feed. For the related post feature it uses a database-search for the content. You can use the plugin “Simple Tagging” for related posts in a feed. The copyright notice can be added even when using entry excerpts.

the Plugin from the official WordPress Plugin repository.

Source plagiarismtoday

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