Cool Hidden Features In WordPress 2.1 Editor

The WordPress Editor has some hidden Features which can be show by using the shortcut key given below.

Wordpress Editor Hidden Features

By using the following key commands, most users will can reveal a second set of features that will enhance their post writing experience:

Windows Firefox: Alt+Shift+V (Firefox)
Windows Internet Explorer: Alt+V (Internet Explorer)
Mac OS X Firefox: Ctrl+V
Mac OS X Safari: Sorry Charlie

  • Text styles
  • Underline
  • Full paragaph alignment
  • Text coloring
  • Two varieties of paste (text and Word)
  • Formatting removal
  • Code cleanup
  • Custom character insertion
  • Undo/redo

As much as I like the Editor I try not to use if for formatting. I rather code it manually in notepad.

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3 Responses

This is so cool… I always wanted these in the editor. WordPress could rather have a button next to the default buttons to show n hide this toolbar.

Yeah I wonder why its hidden away

Thanks a lot for this post! I was looking for a way to underline in WordPress but couldn’t find one.

One must wonder why WordPress doesn’t make these additional formatting features easily available. Why the big secret?