Confirmed iPhone To be Launched on June 29

Well all the hype, speculations and rumours can now come to an end. Apple itself has revealed that the iPhone will launch on the 29th of June, watch the new iPhone ads here. No other product has ever been able to create this much hype and speculations. Personally I think the iPhone is a cool product, cool but not practical I like Paul’s post on why he might not be getting a iPhone even though he is a huge Apple Fan.

While you might have read umpteen post on why the iPhone Rocks.

Some Reasons not to get a iPhone.

  1. Only 2-megapixel camera.
  2. Low battery life. Non removable battery.
  3. Not Upgradable.
  4. No 3G: EDGE.
  5. Over Priced.
  6. No Support or Limited Support for Third Party Applications.
  7. The Interface is most likely to get scratched after sometime.
5 Responses

I do not agree. Camera in phones is of not much of use but just add the price tag as i mentioned in my article :
Low battery life !!! hmm still got to try that .. Iphone supports Edge and Wifi. 3g on Iphone is on the way and and 3rd party application will be supported by the end of the year. Buying Iphone must be a matter of personal interest … Isnt it ?? :-D .. and hey isnt a price tag of 500$ is decent for this mobile If you c it as the first phone supporting multitouch ???

I agree with you on the point that it is over priced and its not going to be hit in India especially where Apple products have been a failure due to over price. Even the 2MP cam on such a technologically advanced model is not acceptable.

@Kanak I never been a fan of Apple Products they lock you down to their own hardware and software. Only The next few months will tell if its a success or not.

@nirmal thanks for dropping by and Yeah My point exactly.

Most of those reasons are bull. If you compare that 2mp camera to the cameras on most phones it’s a lot better. It has great battery life. 3G could come in the near future. You can’t say it’s overpriced because since it’s the only phone with a multitouch display you can’t compare the price to other phones and just because it’s $600 doesn’t make it overpriced. And just like any other phone, ofcourse it’s going to get scratched after awhile. Plus the have screen protectors for it.

Well the laws suits have started to fly concerning the iphone.. the bills are out of this world and the battery costs close to $200 to replace and will likely need to be done every year. Future news brief: Apple Corporation closed its doord today after declaring bankruptcy over the failure of the iphone and over committed capital resourcing.