Clean WordPress Theme Updated To Version 0.6

The Clean WordPress Theme has been updated. I have now added support for widgets, WordPress 2.2 has the widgets plugin bundled by default. I have also done some minor changes and CSS bug fixes. The Theme version has now been bumped to 0.6. Download it if you would like to have widgets support. You can see the changelog below.

Changelog for Clean WordPress Theme

  1. Widgets are now supported.
  2. Search Box moved into the header so you that the menu doesn’t break if you have more than 7 links.
  3. Fixed Firefox FlickrRSS CSS Image bug.
  4. Fixed BlockQuote Styling

Click Here to download the latest Clean WordPress theme.

8 Responses

Is there an easy way to get rid of the large rss comments and post thing in the side bar? When I Delete it the sidebar crashes. I’m trying this out on my compueter but would like to use it at my site, I just do not like that large thing on the sidebar

yep its pretty easy
Find the Following Code in your sidebar.

< div class=”sb1″ >

Remove 6 lines of code below that. till the div tag and above the php tag


I am trying to get some widgets installed on a site using the blue version of this template and can’t seem to figure out where they are supposed to go with your template. Everyone says that a Presentation option for sidebar management should show up to move the widgets into place, but nothing shows with this template. Can you provide some instruction on how to install widgets with your theme?
Thanks for any help,

one request : can you make the top bar’s style like the “dark theme” itself? or some fonts display unnomal..thx

Hi – this is a terrific-looking theme, and very well built. But I am having a problem with the FooterAreaRight – it seems that it will only accept a Flickr type widget. But I am having a lot of trouble getting it to work – sometimes a few images will appears, other times not. But whenever I try to put a different type of widget in that area, it gets mangled, spread out as though the area was expecting images rather than text. My preference would be to put Pages there, because I want the exposure to other pages and text would be quicker to load then images. Anything that can be done about that?
Thanks again for providing folks with a great theme.

@sam thanks. I will look into it and see what’s causing it but don’t expect anything till the next week. :)