Chrome Fix Update server not available (error: 12)

~ means the Library in your Home folder, ex /Users/yourname/Library. If you are unsure how to get to the folders use the “Go to Folder” menu under “Go” in Finder. (ex: type in /Library to get to the place where you delete the Google folder in step 2, and so on)

  1. Run Disk Utility -> Repair Permissions
  2. Sync and Quit Chrome.
  3. Delete: /Library/Google
  4. Delete: ~/Library/Google
  5. Delete: /Library/Caches
  6. Delete: ~/Library/Caches
  7. Delete: /Library/Application Support/Google
  8. Delete: ~/Library/Application Support/Google

After doing all this without any reinstallation of the App or reboot required you can start Chrome, go directly to the About menu and click the button “Install Updates for all users” (or similar), then everything should work fine.

One Response

My chrome is crashing Even after trying all the above mentioned eight steps.Any suggestions?