"Bust A Name" Helps You Find A Good Domain Name

I found this great tool called bustaname for brainstorming Domain Names. I wish I had know of this tool when I registered my Website. Coming up with a cool and short domain name is very hard. This tool is useful since it does most of the work for like making combination of words automatically and showing only the available which are available for registration.

Type the keywords that that you want to be in your domain name, you can also click the red icon next to each word to add more related keywords.

Domain Name Finder Help brainstorm

The a combination of the various names with available domains is shown.

You have more options that you can tweak at the bottom for example if you would like to append “i” in front of every word.

Word of advice if you do find a good Domain Name register it immediately. I had a bad experience a while back, I used to check for a Certain Domain from a certain Service quite frequently, after a few weeks it was immediately registered by a Domain Squatter. How I got the domain name back is a long story and I’ll reserve it for another blog post :).

source: Ajaxian

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DOH and now you tell me… =P

@Arpit: This might be a mind blower to some but I’m not entire convinced its worthy of attention. When hotmail, and yahoo started offering emails and we had to get usernames, they did provide this same sort of service and it was pathetic. All the suggestion were umm… not personal :)
None the less im surprised no one (including me) thought of providing the same thing during website name creation. ;)

This looks like an interesting tool, I’ll have to check it out. I’m curious if anyone is going to stop using those same open source icons in every web app? :)

@Dennis yeah I know :) .. I came up with some really cool names using the tool.

@Bentley Play with the tool you’ll realise it way better than the what gmail and yahoo do for their email ID.

@Scot people use the same icons over and over again cos those Fam Fam icons rock plus if your not a web designer and want to add some bling those Icons are an easy way to do it.

It’s a nice tool. You can find information about more tools like this at Cool sites to check availability of domain names


I grabbed meftw.com just the other day, Me FTW! I don’t think I have exactly the best names on the planet but I also don’t think they’re anywhere near being all gone.

Congratulations on hitting Digg front page and thanks for the useful tool!

Just be careful tho. Some sites (not necessarily this one) steal domains or register them for themselves as a way of either using it for landing pages (MFA) or as a way to ransom it to the user in the event they really really want the domain. I hate domain squatters.

Perkoff.com is a pretty unique one.

I could not believe that MaterialBITCH.com was not taken a year ago. I felt like I won the lottery. I never would have guessed that it not be taken. Good luck finding names, it’s exciting!

Rep the brand. It’s super amazing!

100% with the article. Domain name is crucial to create a “brand” in the cyberworld today. If you have the budget, buy a domain with instant traffic. Good luck!

It’s still impossible to find a good name! I like using roman words or japanese words and then modifying them a little to come up with something new :D

Nice tool. I’m now trying to come up with new names for what-is-what.com
Any ideas?

This tool works really well. http://www.11amdesign.com

Thank you everyone for the comments. I just came back home and realised that my article was on the front page of Digg :)

My god, this is the takiest design out there!!! Did you really think that putting all kind of stuf on the same page would be a good idea? And the colours!!! Wow!!!

Concerning the actual topic – too bad you didnt have that wonderful tool before yourself, thus ended up with such a crappy name as http://www.clzh.com

People, get the life!

@art I like my Design as it is, it has been featured in a few Css Galleries. thanks for dropping by.

Great idea but like a few similar sites around that I’ve seen (eg nameboy.com) a fair number of the suggestions are not only registered domains, but fully functioning websites! I nearly broke my mouse when I saw futuregreen.com come up, but alas, no luck.

“after a few weeks it was immediately registered by a Domain Squatter”

You do realize that the squatters automatically scoup up any expiring domain, right? It’s impossible to beat them to an expiring name unless you use a service. Otherwise, your only option is to contact the domain owner and buy it before it expires.

@c I am aware of that. but in this case the domain was not registered.

” if your not a web designer and want to add some bling those Icons are a lazy and tacky to do it.”

No IDN support :(

as bad as a p0rn site with its javascript confirm popup onclose of the window

You could try some of the tools at http://www.domainnamesoup.com

An excellent tool indeed.

Thanks for posting.

Have a look at : http://avyaya.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/interesting-domain-names/

Hi this harry can any body help me for finding a good domain for travel website