Branding Your Blog for Success

Lifehack has an excellent article on Branding Your Blog for Success The article explores the following questions.

  • Gaining a High Volume Readership
  • Bookmarking vs. RSS
  • How You Can Use Branding to Increase Your Blog Traffic and Make More Money


  1. Why Brand Your Blog?
  2. Who are You?
  3. What is Your Blog About?
  4. Why Does Your Blog Exist?
  5. How Does Your Blog Work?
  6. Who Is Your Audience?
  7. What Makes Your Blog Unique?
  8. Why Should I Subscribe to Your Blog?

Also here’s are Five Beginner’s Blogging Tips From John Chow

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hey do join , i think that will bring more traffic to your blog.

Thanks man … I just saw it today on your Blog. does it bring any traffic ??

not yet as of now !! but its increasing my authority at technorati :D … more post , more authority (even though its just 7 as of now :D) as your post get an external link at outpost-earth …heheheh

Wow thanks for the tip dude :D

ohhh !! no .. I think i was mistaken .. Authority is calculated based on the number of unique sites which link you :-( .. ( I was thinking its calculated based on number of links your sites have no matter its from the same site)…But anyway its increasing the blog reactions ….Moreover there is nothing to lose. :-D

Yeah its based on the number of unique sites nothing to lose though. By the way you might want to get a gravatar I checked yesterday singnup is back online

via run how can know that