Bollywood Comes To Joost

901am has scoop that Bollywood music and movies will be made available on Joost through a deal signed with Saavn

The user experience with Joost is far more advanced than with any other company in its arena. Their approach to video distribution takes full advantage of the nature of the Internet and also provides a secure environment for professionally produced content. This is just the beginning – Bollywood fans around the world will be taking many work breaks once they see how easy and fun this new service is,” said Vin Bhat, co-founder and General Manager of Saavn.

What is not clear is if this will be available to only Bollywood fans in America or will this be available in India. I have tried Joost myself I loved it but its only usable if you have a high speed connection internet which unfortunately is not easily available or is too expensive currently in India only tech savvy people will shell out those extra bucks to buy a high speed connection.

2 Responses

Yep, last month I watched couple of bollywood songs on Joost. That channel has disappeared since.

@Aplesh thats interesting This could have the potential of becoming a big hit in India. Though BSNL needs to start a Scheme where 2mbps is available for unlimited :D