Blogging Code Of Ethics, Disclaimer, Copyright Notice.

Just a note I have updated my about page. I been meaning to write this for a long time, since I get quite a few emails from people who contact me about products/services/advertisement. This should give them a better idea what to expect from me before they contact me. This is also to reassure my readers about what they can expect from me and this blog. For people who are too lazy to come out of your feed readers and click my about page I have copied and pasted the content below.

Code Of Ethics.

  • The view presented on my blog are mine alone and do not represent my employers.
  • There are no hidden agendas in my posting and I don’t make marketing pitches (this includes friends and close contacts i.e. You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours).
  • I do not censor comments unless they are racist, abusive, SEO related, personal attacks on other commentors or off-topic.
  • My judgements and opinions are not in any way influenced by my advertisers, superior authorities or employers.
  • I only review products/services which I think are of interest to me and the readers of this blog.
  • I always make it a point to disclose if there are any conflict of interest.
  • Advertisements and sponsors are clearly labelled as advertisements and sponsors, I don’t do affiliates if I do the links are clearly marked as affiliate links.
  • I don’t do paid reviews or any kind of SEO advertisement (sponsored themes, text links, etc).
  • I don’t accept free products/services, money or anything of great value from companies, public relations or advertising agencies about whom I write. If I do, I do so only to review them and return them. (Though I do accept free T-shirts and products of minor value).


If you don’t agree with the disclaimers below please do not read any of the material or use any of the services I provide.

The opinions and views expressed here are my own and do not represent my employers. My views and opinion and are likely to change over time, I like to keep an open mind and thoughts and opinions stated on out-of-date posts may change over a period of time and may not hold true for the present. I do not take responsibility or the accountability for the kind of advertisement show on this site through third-party advertisers. I cannot be held responsible for articles written by guest bloggers this blog. Though I try my best to provide accurate facts and present them fairly, the facts presented here are cannot be assumed to be accurate and fairly presented. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you or through or from this blog shall create any warranty.

Copyright Notice

All content including pictures, design, code and any other material that is provided or is part of the site are copyrighted, unless stated otherwise. The copyright forbids you to reproduced or distributed any material anywhere on the Internet or offline (magazine articles, CD etc.) without a written permission and consent from me. Though you may link to articles and post with brief excerpts.

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funny i just made it today also :d

Just one point’s gone awry there:
“I cannot be held responsible for articles written by guest bloggers this blog.”

That seems a bit awry. You are allowing them to post, and with your permission only they post. Since you own the blog, you are the only one of two people (other being the author) responsible. This is different from forums.

@Sumesh not really. When I let guest blogger post on this blog I create a account for them and they can post what ever they want (its a matter of trust) I don’t dictate or censor what they write hence the clause.

Hello, Jacob. I visited your blog from and I’m amazed at the way external links are displayed – if one clicks on an external link, a radic sign is added to a:visited. How can that be done in wordpress? Is that a secret-of-the-day or a plugin? Thank you for your time.

Blinded » Hey there it is done using just Css take a look at my Css if you want to know how its done.