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Sometime back lorelle had requested for a plugin to manage and reply to here comments within wordpress Itself. Well looks like here wish came true. keith at Techie-Buzz has released a wordpress plugin to do just that.

What is Better Comments Manager?
Better Comments Manager is an extension of the default WordPress comments manager. I have added two new features to the default WordPress Comments Manager.

  1. Reply to comment from within WordPress Admin Panel.
  2. View All Comments based by posts.

Overall I think its a great plugin but it would really be helpful if it were possible to ajaxfy it so that it doest go do a separate page when I need to reply to a comment. Also the ability to Edit the Timestamp would be nice.

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Hey Arpit,

Thanks for the post about the plugin.

Hope you reply to the comment using this plugin. I will definitely ajaxfy the plugin in the next release.


@Keith you are welcome.

Well indeed a plugin that could make life easier. Great work Keith

@Arpit: We might want to take this up seriously. Scribez has been termed former – with no fault of the author.

@Arpit:Oh that brings me to another question. Notice how the URL in the above comment just disappears behind that background. I face the same problem in another place. Isnt there a way to justify the text?

mmm thanks buddy I need to work ok on that… I think there is plugin for that will keep you posted.

Yeah we need to do something about scribez all in good time mate. I am working on. Meanwhile could you do that redirection thing for me?

Sure man, will do it this week for sure ;)