Best Plugins From The WordPress Plugin Competition

While the SandBox WordPress theme competition has received a lot of attention. I would like to remind my readers that simultaneously a WordPress Plugin competition has been taking place. I saw a number extremely useful and amazing WordPress Plugins. I would like to highlight some the best Plugins that have been developed by the community.

Who Sees Ads?

An extremely powerful AD Management Plugin for your blog. Its time to ditch you Adsense deluxe and landing page WordPress Plugins. This baby can do it all and more. A super cool drag drop interface, a well thought out interface. A rules engine i.e. you can specify who see ads your regular visitors, search engine visitors etc. Its even compatible with the Adsense Deluxe Plugin. This Plugin has so many features that it would be better if you checked it out yourself, and yeah I am blogging about this the third time.

Download Link Here


This Plugin is extremely useful if your running a multi-author blog. The default purpose is to track core events, such as users writing posts, changing profiles etc. Sometime back I had wished for such a feature in WordPress after someone deleted a post on a multi-author blog that I was running. If you run a multi-author blog it very hard for to track what the authors or users are doing. I personally feel this Plugin needs to part of the core. The popular Drupal CMS has something similar to this.

Download Link Here


Another Powerful Plugin to manage your file uploads and downloads and to organize them. File organization is a mess in WordPress. Another Plugin that needs to part of the core WordPress.

  • You can upload and store any type of files (not just image files). You can use the installation of WordPress as a file storage, so you have access to files anywhere, as long as you have the Internet access.
  • Browse files in Ajax-powered interface.
  • Attach image gallery to any posts or pages using stored files, without additional coding. It works without fiddling with any WordPress or theme files. There is absolutely no coding needed. No copy-and-pasting a piece of code. Not even inserting tags into your post entries.
  • Make image or non-image files available for download.
  • Organize files by tagging them.
  • Built-in protection on published files to discourage hot linking.

Download Link Here


This is how the WordPress default dashboard needs to look like. All netvibes, pageflakes and iGoogle Fans or users are sure to love this Plugin. And for people complaining about not being able to customize your WordPress dashboard this must be god sent. What you can do with this Plugin.

  • Drag and drop to reorder the gadgets location to your liking.
  • Add or remove gadgets at will.
  • Fully extend-able – easily add your own gadgets to the dashboard using the very simple API.
  • Skinable – The look of the dashboard can be changed simply by selecting a different skin (CSS style sheet).
  • Standard gadgets – I have provided a number of standard gadgets.

Download Link Here

WP Plugins Tracker

Another Plugin that needs to part of the WordPress core. This Plugin helps webmasters to track the new releases of the Plugins they are using in their website from admin panel. But I guess the WordPress guys are working on something similar to this for both Plugins and themes.

Download Link Here


It just what the title says with a single click it helps you install Plugins and Themes, how cool is that. It allows uploading of a Plugin or theme without the need of manually uploading by FTP, allowing the upload from the Admin panel. All you have to do is browse for the zip file and click “upload” and the Plugin does the rest.

Download Link here

WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin

A Plugin that update your WordPress blog automatically. While upgrading WordPress is pretty easy most end users find it a big hassle.

Download Link Here

CRM WP Plugin

Customer Relationship Management WP Plugin. Er. I don’t have to tell what this is do I. It looks like a really powerful Plugin I don’t see end users using it but for large sites or sites that use WordPress as a CMS this Plugin would be very useful.

Download Link Here

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Wow! Thank for sharing the great wordpress plugs again!

Very nice job as usual!

Ola Arpit, I think you got the wrong link to my plugin :) (WSA)

great stuff. it’s interesting that the plugin competition has done better at solving the most popular suggestions on the ideas forum than core development has.

i also really like the looks of super edit.

@Clazh: Dude, 2 of em caught my eye. The dashboard and the CRM one. I have to admit that the 3rd favorite was the one that allowed updates of WordPress Blog. I for one can admit that it can be daunting to update our wordpress.

Oh and by the way, do make yourself free next month (i.e from day after). We need to get your ‘multi author’ blog up and running again.

You can’t forget searcheverything.

@ozh thanks I corrected the link.

@adam you are right. Most of these plugins need to be in the core.

@ben yeah dude we really need to start that multi-author blog again.

@dan interesting plugin. I need to give it a good look.

Thanks for sharing ! WPSysLog & WPVault : these two sure are needs …

Thanks for mentioning my plugin dude. Looking forward for the results.

Great list!

Has a winner been announced yet?

wow man , thanks for pointing these out . I will be trying all of them .

How well does the WordPress auto update work, has anyone used had first hand experience with this plugin?

CRM sounds interesting for small clients.


Thank you for listing my plugin, WP Vault. I think it’s helping many people find the plugin for the first time. Anyways I hope everyone find it useful.

Please stop by at the official site (, and help me make the plugin better by providing feedback, suggestions, and bugs report.

@Anirudh @motoo you are welcome your plugins are excellent.

Presently I’m not using any of these, but will try a few ones.

Thanks for such a great list of plugins, this list are so helpful for the new guy.



Great recommendations, but yes, you do need to explain what the CRM WP Plugin is as I don’t get it from your explanation. I’m just dense that way. :D

@Lorelle :) he he At first even I had to scratch my head to figure it out. CRM is a broad term. I see this Plugin being more useful to people who are running WordPress as a CMS. I don’t know if you have heard of or These are two of the most popular Open Source Customer relationship management (CRM) software. There are plugins for Drupal and Joomla that make use of civicrm to enable CRM on a site. It is used by large websites to manage sales and customer queries and support.

Vtiger is excellent open source CRM. It has toolbar’s that can integrate into Word, Excel, Thunderbird, Firefox and Outlook. Other so called Open Source CRM’s require additional payments for these tools.


@terinea good one, I forgot about vtiger.

Dude , I am trying to use this who sees adds plugin. Seems pretty bad. I tried commenting on user’s website , but seems my ip is blacklisted. Have you tried this ?? need help

Please check the security for this plugins.
Por favor revisar la seguridad de los plugins.

1. WordPress Automatic Upgrade: Permite a cualquier usuario no autenticado:
* Generar y descargar los archivos de WordPress (incluye wp-config.php).
* Generar y descargar una copia de seguridad de la base de datos donde está instalado el plugin.
* Activar/Desactivar todos los plugins.
* Actualizar la versión de WordPress.
2. OneClick: Al ser vulnerable a CSRF, permite descargar plugins — o código malicioso — desde cualquier URL.
3. Who Sees Ads: Es vulnerable a CSRF y XSS.
4. MyDashboard: Es vulnerable a CSRF y XSS.