Best of The Top 5 Blog Group Writing Project

Darren Rowse is running a Group Writing Project at his blog, with a Prize money of $1001 USD in cash sponsored by Chitika. I surfed through all the Top 5 posting and here are the list of Top 5 posts that I liked the most and which I found valuable and Informative.

Top 5 methods to increase comments on your blog by Thilak

Top 5 WordPress Plugins That Help Increase Comments by John

The Top 5 Free Search Engine Optimization Tools
by Wendy Piersall

Top 5 Steps to Redirect Traffic from Your Old Site to a New One by Friedbeef

Top 5 Tips Writing for Blogs by Richard Pettinger.

Top Five Ways To Creatively Acheive Your Goal by Lexi Sundell

Note: This Post is not part of the Group Writing Project. I am just listing the posts I found valuable.

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Thanks for including my post on your list here, I feel honored! I hope it proves helpful in practical ways for you.

Yay – I made a “Best Of” list! Thanks! :D

Thanks for choosing my post.

Now, I could do with working on my design, something like this site would be good :)

I am honored :)

Hello There Lexi , Wendy, Richard and FriedBeef (lol) you guys are welcome :D