Best Free VPN Clients to surf anonymously, protect your privacy, access blocked sites

VPN is the abbreviation of  virtual private network (VPN). It is a computer network made up of public networks, wires, Internet to provide individuals or corporates to remotely get secure access to their organization’s network. A VPN network uses encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorised users can access the network and that the data cannot be intercepted. Instead of using proxy sites to unblock blocked sites.

VPN Networks have started to become more important these days, due to various factors like, Privacy  & Tracking,  Internet Censorship, Blocked access to websites and social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 etc which are not accessible in Schools, Colleges, and Corporate Companies. Since the data is encrypted on a VPN network it helps to maintain the Privacy of the individuals using the VPN network. Using proxy websites are harmful to user privacy and poses of risk of hacking.

VPN NetworkHow a VPN Network works

Below are a list of some of the most popular and Free VPN networks and proxy sites which are well used and trusted.

Hotspot Shield

Download Hotspot Shield at

One of the best Free VPN with unlimited usage.

  • Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft online.
  • Hide your IP address for your privacy online.
  • Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls.
  • Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices.

Works on wireless and wired connections alike. Provides Unlimited Bandwidth.
Works on the PC and the MAC, including new operating systems (Windows 7 and Snow Leopard)

Hotspot Shield protects your entire web surfing session; securing your connection at both your home Internet network & Public Internet networks (both wired and wireless). Hotspot Shield protects your identity by ensuring that all web transactions (shopping, filling out forms, downloads) are secured through HTTPS. Hotspot Shield also makes you private online making your identity invisible to third party websites and ISP’s. Unless you choose to sign into a certain site, you will be anonymous for your entire web session with Hotspot Shield. We love the web because of the freedom that it creates to explore, organize, and communicate. Hotspot Shield enables access to all information online, providing freedom to access all web content freely and securely. Secure your entire web session and ensure your privacy online; your passwords, credit card numbers, and all of your data is secured with Hotspot Shield. Standard antivirus software protects your computer, but not your web activities.

CyberGhost VPN

Download CyberGhost VPN at

CyberGhost is an important tool for protecting your privacy. CyberGhost VPN replaces the externally visible IP address, which users have received from their provider when they dial up to connect to the Internet, with a CyberGhost VPN IP address. The CyberGhost user shares this IP address with a number of other users. This procedure ensures that the CyberGhost VPN IP address should not be assigned to one particular CyberGhost VPN user. Communication between the CyberGhost VPN user’s computer and the anonymization servers is also particularly well protected to prevent any eavesdropping on data transfers. This protection is set up in 2 steps when establishing the connection. 1024-bit SSL encryption is used when establishing the connection. In this case, a 128-bit AES key is negotiated, which is unique for each connection. The actual communication takes place via this AES key.


Download ExpatShield at

  • Maintain Your Privacy : Browse anonymously and take full control over who can see your personal information. Examples of information that ExpatShield protects are your name, location, browsing history, and searches you perform online.
  • Protect Your Identity : Prevent online thieves and hackers from getting access to your private data (e.g. Credit Cards, Emails, Social Security Numbers, etc.). Secure your Internet Connection (Home, Work, Wi-Fi Hotspots, Cable).
  • Access Your Favorite Websites : Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Get a UK IP and access content available only in UK from anywhere. Ensure complete freedom to access all information and content online.

Project Loki

Download Project Loki at

Project Loki can help you to hide and secure your traffic from inspection and to hide your IP address from sites you visit using our free Public VPN Service based on set of Loki VPN Servers located in different countries.

  • You can hide and secure all your Internet activities. e.g. browsing, FTP, web email, chat and do not change your local network activity.
  • You can secure and hide only one network service, e.g. secure ftp or web browsing and to left another network services without any changes. By this way you can hide also opportunity to hide and secure any activity because your system administrator or Internet Service Provider will see a lot of open traffic and a little bit connection to our server through https protocol.
  • You can hide and secure only one application, e. g. secure ICQ Messanger and to left all another network traffic without any changes. If ICQ service is restricted in your office network, you will be able to use ICQ through our free VPN service.
  • You can browser Internet from IP address of our server and could use local network services available only for computer located in special country. For example, you can see USA online TV channels using connection to our public server located in USA.
  • You can see a lot of Web pages and to use Internet services that is restricted by your governement.


Download ProXPN at

ProXPN is a free VPN service which can be used both on Windows and Mac computers. Download ProXPN which is free application from which to connect. This service is also compatible with the iPhone and other mobile phones that support VPN.


Download OpenVPN at

Open VPN is one of the most popular Free VPN, OpenVPN Technologies is a privately held company based in the Pleasanton, California, integrating a suite of leading-edge networking and software technologies. OpenVPN Technologies has designed and deployed a virtual network software that provides secure, reliable, and scalable communication services, not only fulfilling the requirements of the traditional virtual private network (VPN) market, but also addressing the demands of next wave web-scale VPN services.


Download GPass Software at

  • Support for streaming audio/video, email, instant messaging, download managers, as well as web surfing
  • Encrypted socks tunnels and backup tunnels using Skype and Tor
  • Integrated application firewall
  • Green and free software: copy and run without installation


Download MacroVPN at

MacroVPN provides a Free VPN service with servers all over the world, although on the website it says trial version you are allowed to use 2GB traffic and 256kbps speed.


Download Always VPN at

padlock AlwaysVPN is a hosted virtual private network. Our service creates an encrypted link between your computer and our servers and then forwards all of your internet traffic through this link.

Below are a few example uses for our service:

  • Prevent local eavesdroppers from listening in on your web communication.
  • Bypass restrictive firewalls.
  • Access US only web content.
    (Hulu, ABC and other video networks are blocking our IP addresses.
    Please contact us for more details)
  • Bypass Government web content filtering.


Download UltraVPN at

UltraVPN is a client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. It encrypts and anonymizes your network connection. UltraVPN is a simple user interface to connect or disconnect to our VPN servers. To use UltraVPN, you need to right click on a traybar icon (on the bottom right of your screen) that looks like a computer with a red screen. After right clicking on it, choose “connect”.


Download USA IP at

USA IP is a paid site but you can use it for free without registering download the VPN client from the website, access the USA IP free VPN services with the username demo and the password demo. The VPN Client will disconnect after every 7 minutes after which you’ll need to reconnect again.

Follow the QUICKSTART guide below to start the connection tool (or manually set up the VPN connection using one of the tutorials).
Log in as:
The free demo account is provided as a means to test our service with your ISP, internet connection and computer before purchse and may be limited in speed. The demo access is unlmited in time but you are required to reconnect after every 7 minutes.

SecurityKISS Tunnel

Download SecurityKISS at

SecurityKISS Tunnel redirects all your online traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to our security gateway.

Everything in the tunnel is encrypted so you can:

  • Ensure your passwords, credit card numbers, online shopping and all of your data is secured
  • Protect yourself from snoopers at Wireless hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices
  • Protect your data from being intercepted by various network sniffers
  • Protect yourself from identity theft online
  • Bypass Blocking, Filtering and Monitoring
  • Access blocked websites from your office (YouTube, Flickr, gambling, blog sites, ICQ, email, chat)
  • Unrestricted access to TV streams, Radio streams and others
  • Use Skype and other VoIP even if it is blocked or distorted by your Internet Provider
  • Avoid being identified by anyone including governments
  • Access all content privately without censorship
  • Unblock all ports with no configuration
  • Unrestricted access for international users blocked by government control

Full Anonymity

  • Protect your identity online by hiding your real IP address
  • Assign your computer a new European IP address
  • Hide your online activities from your boss, children and spouse

Traffic compression guarantees high-speed access to any site or service. Support for all applications on your computer – they are not aware of the tunnel


Download ItsHidden at is the ultimate surfing privacy service on the Internet with huge capacity and no complicated software to install, you already have everything you need on your computer right now! is fast and reliable with over 7 Gigabits of Dedicated Bandwidth

  • Dedicated IP addresses for full Port Forwarding, no configuration required
  • Super low user/server ratio meaning lightning download speeds
  • Instant access
  • Total Privacy, no records of your surfing are kept by us
  • No Software is needed
  • 128 Bit Secure Connection to ensure privacy over all networks

List of other free VPN Services Online

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Experts predict that the VPN will continue to grown in popularity as businesses to save money on remote network access for employees. There is many reasons that predict great future for VPNs:
•Works for PC on Windows /Linux/Mac OS
•Works for mobile on Android/Windows/Mobile/iPhone/Blackberry/Symbian
•High level of SSL encryption
•Work over any type of Internet connections (Cable, DSL, dial up, Satellite, Wi-Fi, etc)
•Eliminating the need for expensive long-distance leased lines
•Reducing long-distance telephone charges
•Offloading support costs
•Minimum hardware requirements
•Can provide you with dedicated IP address with which people protect their privacy and surf anonymous without provider logs